Tricky word activities

Tricky words or sight words include those words found most frequently within our reading and writing. The majority of these cannot be decoded and should instead be memorised. Readers need to be able to recognise, read, and understand them almost immediately upon seeing them. 

Below is a list of activities or exercises that can be used to practice the various flashcards


 Card games:

Use the tricky word flashcards to play several card games including 

- Memory match: Turn over two cards at a time and try to find a pair. The child should identify the word on each card as it is revealed.

- Snap: Play the traditional game of snap but the child must identify the tricky word they "snap" on. 

Word swat

A fly swatter, spade or even a wooden spoon could be used to "splat" or hit the tricky word flashcards. You could say "Can you find, the word 'we' and your child would splat 'we' using a similar tool to those named above. 

I spy

Make a tricky word hunt by sticking different tricky words around a room and allowing your child to search and subsequently identify them as they spot them. Telescopes could be made using toilet rolls etc. 

Prompts can also be provided such as "I spy a tricky word beginning with 'w'".

Search for tricky words within books or on the back of food packaging. 

 Sensory play

Different kinds of sensory play would allow for practise in both reading and writing tricky words. Your child can practise copying or tracing different words into a sprinkling of flour, sand or rice. 


Using chalk to make a tricky word hopscotch could prove useful too whereby you write tricky words in each square instead of numbers. Your child could throw the stone, hop to that square and call out the tricky word that they land on. 

Below are a list of useful learning resources for each class.


First class


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Quizlet files

Week 1      sh

Week 2      ch

Week 3      th

Week 4      ng

Week 5      qu

Week 6      ar

Week 7      Days of the week 

Week 8      ff

Week 9      ll

Week 10    ss and zz  

Week 11     ck

Week 12    y as /ee/

Week 13    Vowels 

Week 14    a _ e

Week 15    i _ e

Week 16    o _ e 

Week 17    u _ e

Week 18    wh

Week 19    ay

Week 20  ea

Week 21   igh

Week 22  y as /ie/

Maths games

Helicopter rescue 

Koala karts

Jet ski race

Jumping chicks

Alien addition

Number bonds to 20

Doubles to 20