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Wonderful Weaving


Weaving is the area of focus in Art this month. We started off by weaving our own St Brigid Cloaks using paper to celebrate St Brigid's Day through of GMGY programme. We then moved onto a more challenging test by beginning to weave our circle looms. It takes time, patience and concentration! They are doing a great job and will hopefully be home for the mid term break! 

Amazing Acrostic Poem


The 3rd class took upon a project of creating an acrostic poem that will tell people about our school. They did a unbelievable job  with researching the correct words, searching the web for the best pictures that would represent our school and they worked great as a team!. They were able to then help the 1st and 2nd class create their own acrostic poems using their names! These poems are hanging just outside our class so why not check them out when you're in!

Magnetic Mazes

The Boys and Girls in Room 2 were learning lots about magnetic forces recently. We use that knowledge to create our own magnetic mazes. The boys and girls had lots of fun creating and trying out the different magnetic mazes in the class!

Whale watching

After reading Julia Dondaldson's "Snail and the Whale", room 1 crafted their own whales using recyclable materials.