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Beautiful Irish Birds

Talented grandparent, Freddie McArdle, has been busy capturing remarkable pictures of Irish birls and gifted some more impressive photographs to school. 

Such a generous and thoughtful gift! Come and visit our beautiful gallary of Irish birds in our Hallway.


Archimedes Screw Design

In February,  4th, 5th and 6th have been completing research projects on the EU country Greece and the famous Greek mathematician, physicist,  engineer,  inventor and astronomer, Archimedes of Syracuse. 

They then became engineers themselves  by designing and making their own Archimedes screws and compared the different designs for the most efficient model. 

We were very fortunate to be selected to present this work at the ESB Science Blast in March. Today pupils enjoyed putting the finishing touches on their models and their scientific reports for the big day in the RDS.

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Perfect Pancakes 2020

Pancake Tuesday is a great day to learn all about the history of Shrove Tuesday as a religious tradition in Ireland and discuss materials and chemical reactions in Science, while making and eating pancakes with our classmates!




Safer Internet Day

4th, 5th and 6th learned how to be safe on the internet for Safer Internet Day and created stories using scratch programming to teach others about the rules they came up with: