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So far this year we have all really enjoyed whole school PE every week.

We learn so much from eachother, big and small!


September Assembly


We concluded a very exciting first month in Faughart Community National School with our September Assembly.

5th and 6th class hosted our very first assembly and impressed us all with their singing, tin whistling, poetry and projects from their first month.

We also celebrated successes in our school:

  • Peter Rabbit Active Award: Room 1 received the Peter Rabbit Award for being the most active classroom this month.
  • Golden Apple Award: Room 2 received the Golden Apple award for eating the most fruit per pupils this month.
  • Super Sugar Snap Pea Award: Finally Room 3 received the Super Sugar Snap Pea award.

We are looking forward to keeping tallies next month to determine which class will get these awards next month.

Finally a very special award, the Caring Citizen Award, was presented to one of our amazing pupils who demonstrated many examples of kindness to her peer in September. She is already looking forward to presenting this award to another worthy pupil next month.

A wonderful conclusion to a very exciting month!