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Super Six

Room 1 is home to six  oustanding citizens. Like all great groups they needed a symbol. . . a flag.

Our class flag shows us to be hardworking, talented, kind-hearted and strong. 

We painted some of our favourite characters and family members and included some of our pastimes and hobbies. 

Space Week 2018





This week in Room 2,  we celebrated Space Week 2018. We learned all about the planets in our Solar System. During this week we created our own Solar System, we wrote reports about our own planets that we created and studied how the Earth orbits the Sun. We also learned poems about Aliens, read stories about Neil Armstrong, who was the first person to walk on the moon !!!!  We also completed fun and interesting projects to help us understand all this new information. Check out the pictures of us working on our projects!!

We also created a poem to help us rememebr the order of the planets!



We had great fun about learning about space this week and we are looking forward to Maths Week 2018 which starts next week !!!

Super STEM



We've been enjoying lots of STEM challenges so far this year.

We've built towers, created Scratch animations of our names, worked on strategy games like Draughts and Chess, developed spacial awareness and problem solving using tangrams and played lots of games to reinforce all the mathematical concepts we have been learning in maths. We have particularly enjoyed the alien angles game online. Play some of the games here:

  1. Tangrams Game:
  2. Learn Chess:
  3. Alien Angles:
  4. Shape Game:
  5. Shape Sort:

STEM Challenges

Lovely Levers

In September, we learned about simple machines and created a wagging dog toy using a lever. We learned that a lever is a fixed bar that rotates around a pivot, called a fulcrum.