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Science Week 2018

This week in Room 2 we celebrated Science Week 2018. During this week we looked at and learned about the different parts of the tongue. We now know that the tongue has different parts to identify different tastes such as sweet, bitter, salty and sour. We decided to test our taste buds by having a  blind taste test in our class. We were able to identify the different parts of the tongue from the different foods.!


Also, We looked at different water experiments during the week. We had a look at how water reacts with oil and tablets. We saw that the water sinks to through the oil. We had food colouring and a tablet and watched it become our very own Lava Lamp. We also look how water travels through different materials and how water dissolves sugar.



We had so much fun during science week 2018. We are looking forward to completing more experiments during the year!!Have a look at the pictures of us completing our experiments!

Christmas Shoeboxes

Over the mid-term break, pupils were given the opportunity to create Christmas Shoeboxes as a gift for some of the world's most vunerable children.

What a lovely way to get into the Christmas Spirit as winter arrives!


Goal Drama Workshop

Pupils enjoyed a Drama workshop this week provided by GOAL. It was fascinating to learn about the wonderul work of GOAL and the many ways in which they help countries in need all over the world as a result of drought, conflict and other natural disasters.

Through drama, pupils explored the effects of drought in Ethopia on children and families and they learned how GOAL helps empower these families by creating wells and teaching them new skills such as Beekeeping.

It is great to realise that the money we raised from Goal Jersey Day will be put to such good use!

Peace Proms Practice

All the children in 2nd to 6th class can log in to the Office 365 accounts and access the music and videos for the Peace Proms 2018 HERE!

Get Practising!