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Exciting Electric Circuits

There was great excitement in the room when the pupils were exploring the differences between parallel and in-series circuits.

It was very interesting to discover the advantages of the parallel circuits, expecially for Christmas tree lights. All pupils got the opportunity to create circuits with lights, buzzers and motors.

We are all looking foward to using what we have learned about electric circuits to design and make an electric quiz on European countries and their capitals.

Supersized 3D Shapes

5th and 6th class pupils enjoyed exploring and learning about the properties of 3D shapes by making supersized octahedrons and tetrahedrons this week.


Intel Mini Scientist Regional Final Winners

Some of our 6th class boys became Regional Final winners competing against 80 other schools in the Regional Intel Mini Scientist competition on 5th December in the Institute of Technology in Blanchardstown with their project on Hydraulic Bridges. They are looking forward to competing at the National Finals of the competition in 2019.

All of the 5th and 6th class pupils in Faughart Community National School will get the opportunity to present their projects on hydraulics at the Primary Fair at the BT Young Scientists in January. This will be a really exciting beginning for Term 2 after a wonderful first term of fun and learning in Faughart Community School.