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Safer Internet Day, Italy Presentations and Awards at Assembly

5th and 6th class presented our January Assembly recently where they informed the whole school about keeping safe online.

For Safety Internet Day, pupils created animations of their rules for using the internet using Scratch 3.0. Have a look at our videos.




They also informed the whole school about Italy, Ancient Rome and some of the main personalities from the Renaissance period.

Have a look at some of the videos and presentations that they designed by scanning the QR Codes that they created. 




Finally,January awards were presented to some of our well-deserving pupils.

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What a productive month!



Living or non-living?

This month, Room 1 have been busy learning all about living and non-living things.

The cookie monster helped to explain the characteristics of living things to us and we then used this knowledge to sort various living and non living things. 

We looked at the needs of living things, noting that they require, air, energy (food and water) and a place to live. 


Finally we sorted a series of adjectives for two different kinds of bears, teddy bears and grizzly bears as well as for that of an earth worm and a gummy worm! 


Although we see the benefit of worms for our local environment, we all agreed that we would be partial to the odd gummy worm!!



Goodness Me Goodness You! Interviewing Your Future Self

5th and 6th class have been exploring their relationships as part of the My Stories strand of the Goodness Me Goodness You programme. As part of this scheme of work the children compiled a list of questions which they would like to ask their future selves.

We used the Oldify app to help imagine what they would look like in sixty years.

Next the pupils created the image files on our class PCs and added these to an adobe Spark Video on the ipads. 

This was an enjoyable activity and allowed pupils to reflect on the type of person they want to be when they are older and how they want to be able to look back over their lives with happy memories.



Daffodils in December

We decided to celebrate the end of our first term in Faughart CNS by gathering as a whole school to plant bulbs in the front garden bed. Each daffodil will represent one of our fantastic pupils, who too, with some encouragement and support will blossom and grow.