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Toppings tally

On Pancake Tuesday we had a tough decision to make. What would we put on our pancakes!? 

Though it proved difficult, we all made our choice, with nutella and strawberries coming out on top! 






FAI 5 A Side Tournament

On March 5th 2019, we were very proud to send two teams to the FAI 5 a side tournament in DKIT Sport. It was a great day out for us, with both teams performing very well in their games! We were very proud of all of our students as it was the very first time the school was competing in a sports tournament!

Pretty Prints

Pupils enjoyed creating lino prints during February and entered their favourite prints into the creative spark printing competition. This has definitely been the favourite art activity of the year to date in room 3.

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20190226 085812

World book Day 2019

The pupils in Faughart CNS enjoyed dressing up as book characters this week to celebrate world book Day!

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