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Learning About Our Feelings

This term we are doing lots of work on learning about our feelings and our mental health.


We are learning to recognise different feelings and also learning how to deal with our feelings. 


We have been making different 'feelings faces' using Play - Doh and also playing emotions snap. 

Tasty Science Experiments

In March the pupils in Room 3 learned about materials and change as part of a unit of work in Science. They got the opportunity to irreversibly change cream into butter and buttermilk by shaking it. They had lots of fun during this process and documented the rate of change and analysed the different yields obtained for normal cream and double cream. 

Making Butter2

Making Butter

 Perfect Pancakes

To make the most out of the newly created butter and buttermilk, the pupils made some very tasty buttermilk pancakes.

Making Pancakes3

Making Pancakes2

Making Pancakes

Finally, pupils got the opportunity to work on their procedural writing and published reports on the experiment to make butter from cream and the procedures on how to make the perfect  buttermilk pancakes.

 20190320 104938 COLLAGE

GMGY! Family Celebration Projects

As part of children’s learning in the ‘Beliefs and religions’ strand of Goodness Me! Goodness You! all the children in Faughart completed a ‘Family Project’ this term.
Children learned about lots of different types of Celebrations in school and then investigated this concept from their own perspective, with the help of their family. The children then presented their projects to their peers in Room 3. The presentations were very informative and confidently delivered.

We learned about how the children in Room 3 celebrate May Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Mid-Summer, Winter Solstice and St. Patrick's Day. 

The ‘Family Projects’ created great classroom discussions and provided a great opportunity for the children to learn more about themselves and their friends.


The children in Room 2 conducted many experiments whiles learning about heat. We conducted 3 experiments that focused on how heat conducts with different materials. We put chocolate into a glass bowl and observed it melt through the heat of the hot water, we watched as the butter melted at different paces on the different spoons and finally we watched as when air is heated up it rises and it blew our balloon up on our bottle1 It was great fun and lucky for us we used the melted chocolate to make our own RICE KRISPE BUNS!!