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Editing using iMovie

5th and 6th class pupils managed to create short entertaining, educational videos in only two sessions with the ipads (three hours in total) using the Stop Motion App, and then editing in iMovie by adding music and sound effects.

While the pupils would love to spend the rest of the year perfecting their videos, they learned a huge amount in such a short time, and will hopefully transfer some of those skills onto their next history project creating videos on Adobe Spark,


Fabulous Flowers

20190329 183415

Wishing all mothers a very happy Mother's Day today.

We hope you enjoy the beautiful flowers room 3 made for you with the thoughtful  messages on the leaves.

Stop Motion Movies

Pupils in room 3 have been creating story boards for stop motion movies.

They thoroughly enjoyed making their own play dough for their productions earlier in the month.

20190331 091025

On Friday, they got the opportunity to start recording their movies using the stop motion app on the ipads.

Such a display of skills! Looking forward to editing the movies in April.

20190330 203403

March Assembly

20190329 183553

Room 2 treated us to a very informative assembly where we got a taster of all the exciting things they have been getting up to in March.

The caring citizen award was awarded to an exemplary student who has been going out of his way to help others in March.

20190330 203857

20190330 204446

20190330 204603

Active award and the fruit and veg awards were distributed to worthy classes.

Finally, full attendance was just over 93% this month and full attenders were rewarded.

What a productive month!