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Teams Calls Room 2 Friday 19th

Here is today's Daily plan 

Teams Meeting Times 


1st Class 

2nd Class 

3rd Class 


Teams Meeting Times 


10:30-11:00 9:30-10

Room 1 Friday 19th learning plan


It's our fifth and final day of Active week and we want the whole family to be involved in today's events.

Paint the garden Green, white and orange.

It is my intention, next Thursday to host a short "Show and tell" in small groups via video call. This will provide an opportunity for individual pupils to meet with their friends and to showcase a book, a toy, a skill or to simply share an anecdote from their time during distance learning. 

Using the parent feedback form below, please indicate one classmate with whom your child would like to be grouped with. Leave your own name or your child's name and the name of their chosen classmate. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone! :)


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'Active week' Thursday June 18th

Have a look at just some of the videos we received of our amazing students completing the 'Kick to score' and 'Through the gate' activities today.

We love to see parents and siblings getting involved too. 

More great videos received will feature in another video tomorrow!

Wednesday AW2020

Use this Equipment list for ideas throughout the week.

Thursday June 18th

1. Long jump

-  Watch the teacher tutorial for Long jump


2. Obstacle course 

- Watch the teacher tutorial for an Obstacle course



Room 3 obstacle courses

Here are some examples of obstacles courses from some of our fifth and sixth class pupils. 




 Don't forget to take lots of pictures and to send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


                                'Active week 2020' schedule

Day Activity Focus 
Monday 'Make the face' Running
Tuesday Target practice Throwing

'Kick to score'


'Through the gate'


Long jump

Obstacle course




Egg and spoon/spud and spoon race

Sack race

Balancing race

Wheelbarrow race

Traditional sports day 

Room 1 Thursday 18th learning plan

It's day 4 of Active week 2020. I am so impressed with all the pupils in room 1 this week. You are such a talented bunch! 

Today we're focusing on balancing and landing.

Don't forget to sport your team colour, even with a coloured armband or scrunchie. 


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