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Biodegradation Investigation

As part of a unit of work on caring for the environment,  pupils compiled a variety of everyday materials this week and preticted what would happen when we bury the materials in our school garden over Easter.

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Materials included:

tissue, paper,cardboard, a variety of different plastic materials, felt, cotton wool, banana skins, tinfoil, clingfilm.

Pupils designed a fair test to ensure that all criteria in the experiment were constant except the material being invesigated.

We buried the materials today in the school garden and will discover what has happened each when we return after the Easter holidays.

The outcome of this experiment will hopefully help to encourage good practice on the materials we take to school in our lunchboxes going forward.

Easter Eggstravaganza

Term 2 ended on a high today with a visit from the Easter Bunny, an Easter Egg hunt and a Cake Sale!

There was great excitement when the Easter Bunny arrived with eggs and gifts for all our pupils and the pupils managed to find even more eggs during a whole school Easter Egg Hunt.



Finally, 5th and 6th class expertly served the community at our school Easter cake sale with the support of our parents' association.

Thank you so much to all the parents, pupils, friends and family who baked the wonderful cakes and came to our cake sale. 

A great way to conclude a tremendous term of teaching and learning in Faughart CNS!

Cake Sale

Practical Periscopes

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Pupils got the opportunity to consolidate their learning about light and reflection by constructing periscopes and designing them with key words about periscopes. They researched the practical uses of periscopes since they were first created in 1854 by Marié-Davy, who invented the first naval periscope, consisting of a vertical tube with two small mirrors fixed at each end at 45°, just like the ones constructed in class today.