Good Morning and welcome to Triumphant Thursday! It is a day of celebration of the school year. It is a day for you to look back on the school year and reflect on well you have done this year. We have been sent lovely pictures from Wellbeing Wednesday. Make sure to take a look at them. 





Triumphant Thursday

 Today is the day! It is Mr D'Arcy's annual Kahoot Quiz. This year is a little bit different to last year. It is time to work as a Team with your family! So gather your brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers, cats, dogs , chickens and lets have a bit of fun! 


One Team per household. It will be easier to manage the call. 


Link to Kahoot  

Tuesday 19th May 

Whole School 

Kahoot Quiz 




Show and Tell with Ms McDermott - Ms McDermott will let you know the times your child's Zoom call will happen. Looking forward to seeing you all on the zoom call!  


6th Class Graduation- A Big Congratulations to our 6th Class students today! It may be a bit different to other graduations but it will not change how proud your families and teachers are of you. They  will be having a mini graduation ceremony today in the school. We ask all 6th Class students to be at the school for 2pm. 


Write about your favourite memory from school this year and draw a picture of it! It can be our Trip to the Gaiety Panto, Science Week etc...