Good morning Boys and Girls in Faughart CNS and welcome to Well Being Week.

We have set each day as a different theme with different task associated with the theme. The idea of the choice board is that you colour in the choice board when you have completed the task.


To print out your own choiceboard , right click on the image, save the image and the you can print it from your desktop! 

 Mindful Monday 
We begin the the week with Mindful Monday. This is a day where we are focusing on the special moments and all the good things that have happened us over this year. We also look forward to the future and all the things we are excited to do. 

The Tasks we have set out are : 


Take a picture of something that makes you happy and then to write about it. - In this task you don't have to take a new picture you can look back on picture that has been already taken. It can be a family holiday, picture of you winning a competition or any picture that makes you feel happy.

Linking in with that task:Make a list of all the good memories that have happened in your life. It is always important to remember the good and enjoyable events that have happened in our lives.  It always puts a smile on our faces. 

Looking Forward to the futures always important. Having dreams to go places, to meet people or to work somewhere is important. What I want you to do is to take a jar and create a 'Looking forward to' jar. This is a jar where you will put pieces of paper with all your dreams and wishes and things you're looking forward to in the future. 

Finish the day off with some mindfulness colouring. Put on some relaxing music in the background and create or colour in your own Mandala. It is a time where you can just relax after a year of hard work. 

You can print out one of these FREE resources from the twinkl website. Click here for the link




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