Have a look at just some of the videos we received of our fantastic students completing the 'Target practice' activity today.

More great videos received will feature in another video tomorrow!


Use this Equipment list for ideas throughout the week.

Wednesday June 17th

1. 'Kick to score'

-  Watch the teacher tutorial for ''Kick to score'


- Place A4 sheets or draw targets on either a goal post or a sturdy wall.

- Practice hitting the targets by kicking a ball from your hands

- Assign points to each target and see you can earn the most points 


2. 'Through the gate'

- Place two jumpers, cones or markers on the ground to act as goal posts.

- Practise kicking a ball through the posts from different starting points.

- See how many times you and a partner can pass the ball over and back


 Don't forget to take lots of pictures and to send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


                                'Active week 2020' schedule

Day Activity Focus 
Monday 'Make the face' Running
Tuesday Target practice Throwing

'Kick to score'


'Through the gate'


Long jump

Obstacle course




Egg and spoon/spud and spoon race

Sack race

Balancing race

Wheelbarrow race

Traditional sports day