Good morning Boys and Girls! It's FriYAY! After a short week we are at the weekend again. There will be no calls today.  Here is your daily plan!  Hope you have a lovely weekend! 


Friday 12th June

1st Class 

2nd Class 

3rd class 








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SPHE- Family Friday 


It is ‘Family Friday’. Time to do something special with your family. Today is the day where you make sure you help out around the house. Whether you learn how to bake, cook or prepare the dinner, help your parents keep the house clean, take the dog for a walk etc, make sure you show your kindness and share it with me through a note/pictures.


P.E- Get active with Joe Wicks - Link- Important to get Fit for Sports Week next week!  
Terry is ready to run for Team Green 
  Matthew and Maeve  are ready to support and represent Team Orange! 


End of Year Booklet 

We are coming to the end of the year. I thought it might be nice to have a booklet to remind you of some of the fun things we did this year. There are only a certain amount of pages in the booklet but if you would like to add more to it that would be great! You can work on this booklet for as long as you want. It doesn't have to be finished today. Take your time, make it colourful, make it unique! 


Louth GAA Challenge: Closing date June 19th 

Louth GAA have sent out a couple of Challenegs that you can take part over the week. One is an Art Competition and the second challenge is a quiz which maybe more directed towards 3rd class but anyone can enter! There are some great prizes to be won! You can eneter the quiz in the link below and to enter the competition you must send your entry to me with your details and I can send them on for you. Closing dates it June 19th!

Art Competition: Design and submit a drawing or painting to show how important your club or the sports of the GAA are to you. Please include the hashtag #Allianzcnmb somewhere in your artwork.

Quiz Challenge: Answer 40 GAA related quiz questions, some are quite challenging and will require research! Link  


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