Morning meeting

Use this morning warm up Go Noodle - A Moose ta cha to get those minds and bodies moving!


On Tuesday and Thursday morning we engage in a few minutes of mindfulness, where we focus on breathing and stretching. 

Let's start Melting



We are revising the theme of weather this week. Please watch the lesson Cén sórt aimsire atá ann?

Follow the link to access the Luascartaí. Practice the vocabulary by clicking the flashcard and displaying the picture.

   - Students should repeat each term as it is introduced. 

   - Students and parents should assign a simple action to each word.

   - Play the matching game by clicking the 'match' icon in the left hand column




Junior infants worksheet:  


 1. Find the 'Count' maths worksheet.                  2.  Count each set of objects or creatures,

                                                                                   and record the total.   



3. Ask your child simple questions about

     the picture such as 

   - What is there the most of or what is the

      biggest set/group?

   -  What is there the most of or what is the 

      smallest set/group

   -  Can you put the groups in order from

      smallest to biggest?


Senior infants worksheet:


1. Find the 'More than' maths                                   2. Match or pair each object and count   

    worksheet.                                                                those which remain unmatched. 




 3.  Record the difference for each.                                                                             


Fruit break - Grab some fruit and take a break.



Junior infants :


 Practice building words using Roly Cat spelling


 Junior infants worksheet:


1. Find the first CVC word practice                          2. Identify the picture before building  

     worksheet.                                                                each word by sounding out. 

                                                                                       e.g Cat. c-a-t. Cat  


Senior infants worksheet: 


1. Find the second 'word identification'                       2. Look at the picture in each box and 

    worksheet.                                                                    circle the correct word. 




Junior infants:

- Begin reading Leek hotpot and revise it until Wednesday.

- Junior infants should read a minimum of three pages per day.  

Senior infants group 1: 

- Begin reading your first reader Please do not sneeze and revise it until Wednesday.

- Senior infants should read a minimum of five pages per day.

Senior infants group 2: 

- Begin reading your first reader Kipper and the trolls and revise it until Wednesday 

- Senior infants should read a minimum of five pages per day.


Lunch - Eat some lunch and exercise outside.




Please provide feedback on today's learning. Daily Parent Feedback

Parents and guardians can take pictures of the children's work and forward them to the  School email address . I will correct any work and provide feedback via the Aladdin App noticeboard