All pupils in Room 3, please log in Microsoft Teams te again today to complete the day's learning activities (assignments).

Once you log in in the morning, I will be there in Teams to answer any queries you may have, so just post any comments, queries or issues and I will respond asap.

I understand that all these sessions may not suit all families all the time, but please do attend when you can and I will post the video in Teams so that you can watch it later if you miss it.

Mindful Practice Day 45

Select ten minutes in your day to continue with our mindful practice and following the Calm Challenge -Another loving kindness meditation.

Don't forget to keep safe and get plenty of exercise in this nice weather.




4th Class

5th  and 6th Class

Week 33 Spellings


Complete the Test in Spelling City

Log In to Spelling City


Complete the Test in Spelling City

Log In to Spelling City



Dul Siar 3


Aoine - Test


Aoine - Test



Léitheoireacht Friday (This week) Video Lesson




End of Year Reflection Project

Continue working on the end of school year project we discussed yesterday and collect your photos and memories for this project. Look through your copies and books - what have you learned? What are you proud of? 

You might find some good photos here in the website -   Start here and click the links to go back through the whole year.

You can use any of the office tools for this project - Powerpoint, Sway to Adobe Spark Video 

End of Day Reflection

Reflection – How was your learning today?

Click the Reflection LINK and let me know how you got on with your learning today or your can post it in Teams for me. You can also attach pictures of your copies and workbooks from today into your Class Notebook in Teams.