All pupils in Room 3, please log in Microsoft Teams te again today to complete the day's learning activities (assignments).

Once you log in in the morning, I will be there in Teams to answer any queries you may have, so just post any comments, queries or issues and I will respond asap.

I understand that all these sessions may not suit all families all the time, but please do attend when you can and I will post the video in Teams so that you can watch it later if you miss it.

Mindful Practice Day 38

Select ten minutes in your day to continue with our mindful practice and following the Calm Challenge - enjoy this mindfulness meditation exploring the Sanskrit word, Santosha.

Don't forget to keep safe and get plenty of exercise in this nice weather.

Friday Assessments


4th Class

5th Class

6th Class

Operation Maths

(View questions in Teams)

Long Multipication - Number Sentences


Friday Teams Video Lesson 11 - 11:30 

Rules & Properties - Equation & Variables

Friday Teams Video Lesson 11:30 - 12 

Rules & Properties - Number
Sentences & Equations

Friday Teams Video Lesson 12:00 - 12:30 


4th Class

5th  and 6th Class

Week 31 Spellings

<ear>, <eer>, <ere> Spelling Test

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<graph> Spelling Test

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Wk 31 Vocabulary

Blakes Tyger - Revisited

Have you completed the 9 vocabulary assessments? Can you get a better score?

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Seaside Scene

Have you completed the 9 vocabulary assessments? Can you get a better score?

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a - Dul Siar

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a agus á - Dul Siar

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Sports Day Activities

We need your help! What is your favourite sports day activity or event?

We'd love your help so that we can have a 2020 Sports Day with a twist. Survey

Which events or races could you do from home? Send us your ideas and get training. Send us your videos? Can you record your times?

Skill - Striking

Watch the video - how long can you keep a balloon or ball up? I'd love to see a video. Could we have this as a sports day competition from home? Could you win that event?

Get practising.

 Projects (Finish weekly projects)



 Music Response

If you didn't get a chance yesterday, why not complete this music assignment - Click the link, listen to the song and then complete the online questions. (Click Play)

Go to this Sway

Class Collaboration Project


  • Have a look at your work in our Class Collaboration Project  'Isle of Hope, Isle of Fear' HERE
  • We will add the music of the song and create a class video by  Friday - so ensure you make any of the changes I may have suggested and if you have not got a change to do yours yet, or send me your artwork, you have this week to complete it.
  • I really enjoyed reading these accounts and your art work to date - well done!

Wk 31 Project

Renewable and nonrenewable energy

Learn about renewable and nonrevewable energy by watching this video

Pick one of types of energy, it can be renewable or nonrenewable and do extra research on this type. 

Use world book online to do your research

Remember the following when you are doing  your research:

In your project copies, note only the key words and summarise the main points in your own words. 

Make sure you write down the website where you got your reserach form.

Once you have finished your research, add it to the class collaboration powerpoint. You can add as many slides as your want and ensure to add transitions, animations and suitable pictures. 

Don't worry if someone else does the same energy as you - it will be in your own words, so everyone's research will be different.

Remember the class rules for working on collaborative projects!

LINK to Class Collaboration on Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy

End of Day Reflection

Reflection – How was your learning today?

Click the Reflection LINK and let me know how you got on with your learning today or your can post it in Teams for me. You can also attach pictures of your copies and workbooks from today into your Class Notebook in Teams.