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Once you log in in the morning, I will be there in Teams to answer any queries you may have, so just post any comments, queries or issues and I will respond asap.

I understand that all these sessions may not suit all families all the time, but please do attend when you can and I will post the video in Teams so that you can watch it later if you miss it.

Mindful Practice Day 32

Today you should end your day by continuing with our mindful practice and following the Calm Challenge  - Enjoy this nature meditation

Don't forget to keep safe and get plenty of exercise in this nice weather.



4th Class

5th Class

6th Class

Work It Out Workbook 

Week 30

Teams Video lessons to go over questions.

Complete Wk 30

Correct during Teams Call tomorrow

Teams Video lessons to go over questions.

Complete Wk 30

Correct during Teams Call

Teams Video lessons to go over questions.

Complete Wk 30

Correct during Teams Call

Operation Maths

(View questions in Teams)

Long Multipication 

Wednesday Teams Video Lesson 9 - 9:30  


Thursday Teams Video Lesson 12 - 12:30

Friday Teams Video Lesson 11 - 11:30 

Rules & Properties

Wednesday Teams Video Lesson 10:30 - 11


Thursday Teams Video Lesson 9:30 - 10:00

Friday Teams Video Lesson 11:30 - 12 

Rules & Properties

Wednesday Teams Video Lesson 9:30 - 10


Thursday Teams Video Lesson 9:00 - 09:30

Friday Teams Video Lesson 12:00 - 12:30 

Tables Week 30

Week 30 Worksheet LINK

Complete  Tables Correct yesterday's tables  - How did you get on?




4th Class

5th  and 6th Class

Week 30 Spellings


Learn with Quizlet


Learn with Quizlet

Wk 30 Vocabulary

It's Your Environment, So Get Involved!

Learn the vocab over this week by playing the games in spelling city. 

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There's Snow Better Holiday

Learn the vocab over this week by playing the games in spelling city. 

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Wk 29 Starlight Grammar

Starlight 15B It's Your Environment, So Get Involved!

Do Exercise E 

Complete the dictionary activities in exercise E. If you do not have a dictionary at home, remember youy can use online.

Share your alphabetical order work and definitions with me.

Starlight 15B There's Snow Better Holiday

Do Exercise E - Choose once option
Option 1 - proof read the paragraph in E and rewrite in your best writing correctly and send to me

Option 2 - Design a poster with advice on how to avoid common mistakes. This could be an online poster using one of the office 365 tools or you could design it with paper and your colouring pencils with lots of advice.

You choose, but please share your work with me.

Guided Reading

Weekly Plan

Tuesday Video Lessons

Thursday Video Lessons


An Luan

Rang a ceathair

Rang a cúig agus a sé


Ar an Trá

Learn with Quizlet


Learn with Quizlet



  • Ór   - Léitheoireacht (File in Teams)
  • Bánbuí  Léitheoireacht (File in Teams)

  •  Liathchorcra Léitheoireacht (File in Teams)
  • Gormghlas  Léitheoireacht (File in Teams)

Léitheoireacht Wednesday Video Lesson





 Create a drawing to accompany your persuasive writing project below. Share your work with me and I will combine your completed writing next week with your drawing. Take your time and add lots of detail to enhance your persuasive text, but please send it to me by Friday.

Music, History, English writing

Read about the Song 'Isle of Hope, Isle of Fear' HERE

Then listen to the performance of this song HERE

May Writing Class Collaboration Project: Since we started reading persuasive texts in our Starlight this week, we are going to be writing persuasive texts from a historical point of view. You are going to have to write arguments (or reasons) why you should emigrate to America or why you should stay in Ireland.

This week, you will need to do some reseach (Reading Group Liathcorcra are lucky as they have been reading all about this in their group)

 It is 1892 in Ireland. You are 15 years old. Write a persuasive account detailing  if you should emigrate to America or stay in Ireland.

  • Last WEEK  you got the facts first before you decide which side you will take.
    (Read about Ireland in the 19th Century Here and document your research points in  your project copy.)
  • THIS WEEK (Wk 30) Then you need to write your text with an introduction, main paragraphs where you detail at least 3 arguments (or reasons ) why you are making the right decision. Then you need a conclusion.
  • Have a look at some of the key words you should use on the powerpoint and then you can start doing your first draft on an empty slide.
  • Remember first paragraph is an introduction, and then you need a paragraph for each.

End of Day Reflection

Reflection – How was your learning today?

Click the Reflection LINK and let me know how you got on with your learning today or your can post it in Teams for me. You can also attach pictures of your copies and workbooks from today into your Class Notebook in Teams.