Happy Friday everyone! Thank you so much for all your pictures and videos throughout this fifth week of learning from home. From numbers to baking, flashcards to painting, poems and writing, exercise and typing! You've done it all this week boys and girls and I'm very proud of everyone.


Have a lovely weekend :)


Morning meeting 

Wake up and shake up with Squatchy Rock



We are revising the theme of food this week. Please watch the lesson An Caifé

Follow the link to access the Luascartaí. Practice the vocabulary by clicking the flashcard and displaying the picture.

   - Students should repeat each term as it is introduced. 

   - Students and parents should assign a simple action to each word.

   - Play the matching game by clicking the 'match' icon in the left hand column

Practice our poem Buail bos




Can you help me find Larry the lamb?

Take a look through the PowerPoint included in today's message.

Encourage your child to describe where Larry is using some of the following vocabulary 

      - in, on, beside, behind, over, under


Junior Infants worksheet: 


1. Find the 'Pattern' worksheet.                              

    Circle and colour the next picture in the pattern.                                                       


Senior infants worksheet:                 


1. Find the 'Draw' worksheet.                                    2. Read the instructions and draw each 

                                                                                       picture accordingly. 


Friday handwriting

Every Friday the children engage in structured writing activities. We will be focusing on the use of a finger space between each word. 


Junior infants writing: 


 1. Find the second 'Friday handwriting sheet'.                2. The children should practice using a finger

    Highlight the /sh/ sounds and identify                              space between each word. 

     any tricky words.                                           



3.  The children should read both sentences 

     and copy them into the available space.


Senior infants sentence work:


 1. Find the 'Friday sentence work'                      2. The students should put each /a_e/ word

     page at the front of work pack A.                       into a short sentence. 




All readers can be found using the 'Search' box  on the pupil home page.

Junior infants:

- Begin reading your first reader Big feet and revise it throughout the week.

- Junior infants should read a minimum of three pages per day.  

Senior infants group 1: 

- Begin reading your first reader The flying machine and revise it throughout the week.

- Senior infants should read a minimum of five pages per day.

Senior infants group 2: 

- Begin reading your first reader Everyone got wet and revise it throughout the week

- Senior infants should read a minimum of five pages per day.


Lunch - Eat lunch and head outside for a run around



Send pictures of your activities to fThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Please provide feedback on today's learning. Daily Parent Feedback

Parents and guardians can take pictures of the children's work and forward them to the  School email address . I will correct any work and provide feedback via the Aladdin App noticeboard.