Good Morning Boys and Girls Its FriYAY! Well done on another fantastic week of work! Every week you are improving and it is great to see. After today you have two weeks off but make sure you continue to read and to stay active over the Easter Break! Here is our plan for the day and you will be delighted to know that it is a HALF DAY!!


Friday Tests 

1st Class 2nd Class 3rd Class 
Work it Out Friday Test Work it Out Friday Test  Work it Out Friday Test
English Spelling English Spelling English Spelling
  Irish Spelling Irish Spelling


Creative Writing 

Write me a story titled - 'What i'm looking forward to over the Easter Holidays' In this story that you write, I want you to tell me about all the things you are looking forward to do over the Easter Holidays with your family! Make sure that we use our Adjectives, conjunctions etc in our sentences to make it more exciting. Make sure to draw a picture of things you are going to do after you finished writing. 




Friday Kindness- It is that time again, Make sure you do something extra special around the house to help somebody else out! It is our Act our Kindness on Friday! Make sure you share your pictures. 




Why not try a workout with the Body Coach Joe Wicks! He gives daily workout videos for children for their P.E lesson! 




Parent Survey!


That's it everyone! Well done again on another fantastic week of work! You deserve every minute of the Easter Break. We will see you back on the 20th of April in school or on Teams we will see!