Good Morning Boys and Girls in Room 2. Well done to you all. you have been working exceptionally hard and I am so proud of you all! It's FriYAY! Time to give one last effort before the weekend and I know you can do it! I made today a nice day where you will be only doing a little bit of writing and most of the time you are going to be active! I hope you all have a great weekend! Mr D'Arcy 

Friday Test 

Make sure you get a practice in before you do the real test! 

1st Class English  Maths  
2nd Class English  Maths  Irish 
3rd Class  English Maths  Irish 


Make sure when you are completing your English Test on Quizlet that you Log into your own profile  otherwise i won't be able to see your progress. To make the test, Go into 'Test' click 'Options' and  leave only the option of 'Written' ticked. 

English Oral Language Lesson & SESE -

Make a video of you telling me about your brochure for Ireland Explaining the drawings and the information you put into it! I'm Looking forward to seeing them all 





Friday 27th March   Operation Maths Page 
1st Class Pg 87 The 100 Square 
2nd Class  Pg 95 Get Busy 
3rd Class  Pg 90 Challenge Questions on Length 







Be Kind Friday-  We should be kind everyday of the week but we should definitely make sure we do it for our Be Kind Friday! So Make sure you are helping around the house whether it baking something, helping cleaning up, taking your pet for a walk. Make sure you are doing something to be kind! Make sure you share your photos and videos with me! 





Create an Easter Egg Wreath for your house! 

You could use wrapping paper, coloured card or pages from magazine stuck on to cardboard to make a Easter wreath.You can even shape white paper into an egg and put your own design on it! 





The weather has been great and excellent so weather depending make sure you get out for a walk, do some exercises in the back garden, practice a sport whether its football or basketball make sure you spend time being Active. It is important for the mind and the body to get at least one hour of exercise a day! 


If the weather is bad why not spend 30 mins with the Body coach and his workouts made specifically for children! LINK HERE 




Parent Feedback Survey 

Thanks parents for all your feedback! Along with the picture/videos today, I'm asking for feedback on the week as a whole. How was this weeks Learning experience compared to last weeks. What worked well for your child ? All your feedback will help me! I have also sorted out the uploading feature so that you can get at most 10 files uploaded. LINK HERE