Good morning Girls and Boys in Room 2! Well done to everyone yesterday! there has been great work going on at home and you should all be very proud of yourselves! 


Morning Meditation

We are going to begin this morning with a meditation exercise. Meditation can be tricky to try your best and listen and relax!



Wednesday 25th 

1st Class

2nd Class 

3rd Class 

 Operation Maths Work




Pg 86 - The 100 Square 

Last Length Lesson tomorrow




Pg 87 Beginning to draw measurements using a ruler 




Addition and Subtraction 

Pg 89 Part 1 & 2

Work It Out Workbook – Week 25


Complete Wk 25 Thursday 



Complete Wk 25 Thursday 



Complete Wk 25 Thursday 


Number Facts 

Week 25


Addition by 3

Subtract by  3

Divide by 9 








Thursday 26th  

1st Class

2nd Class

3rd Class 





Video Link to help


Cinquan Poetry 





Whats in the Chefs Pocket?

pg 41 

Video Link 

Planning an Explantaion Writing 

Pg 151

Spellings  ou 


Silent H


Short a


Guided Readers 

 Read the 1st chapter of New Book

Yellow - Ruby in the middle 

Orange - My Faraway Home 

 Read the 1st chapter of New Book

Orange- My Faraway Home

 Read the 1st chapter of New Book

Blue Group 'The Twits'



Continue with Freckle Library to develop your comprehension Skills! 







Continue with your Litriú on Quizlet. 

1st - 3rd Continue learning and practising your Irish Spellings on Quizlet. Important to know your  vocab!


Irish Story 

What we are doing in Irish is that 1st and 2nd are going to practice their reading skill. 3rd class are going to Practice too their own story and answer the questions on the page. 


1st and 2nd Class Story- 

3rd Class  Story. 

SESE Project 

1st- 3rd should continue on with there SESE week project for the brochure of Ireland. Make sure you are using your adjectives to make Ireland sound amazing. Describe the places, food and things to do so well that it would make somebody really want to go!

Coming down to the final days of the project ! Keep working hard. I'm looking forward to seeing your work on Friday!


Parent Survey 

It's great to hear from everyone! The photos are fantastic!