Morning meeting

Maidin mhaith gach duine and welcome to Week 2 of learning from home. Sun


Revise the days of the week  and the months of the year.


- "How many days are in one week"

- "If yesterday was Sunday, what day is it today?"

- "What is the first month in the year?"

- "What is the last month of the year?"


Let's get bright eyed and bushy tailed with this morning warm up Go Noodle - Hello 2.0



We are revising the theme of clothes this week. Please watch the lesson Éadaí salacha

Follow the link to access the Luascartaí. Practice the vocabulary by clicking the flashcard and displaying the picture.

   - Students should repeat each term as it is introduced. 

   - Students and parents should assign a simple action to each word.

   - Play the matching game by clicking the 'match' icon in the left hand column





Follow the link to practise your counting. Bubble count game

Go on a 'number walk' in your house and around the garden. Here is Ms McDermott's number walk.

Take pictures or record your journey so that you can analysis the evidence afterwards.

- Identify the numbers as you spot them

- What number comes before/after the number that you found? 

- Explain that roman numerals were a group of letters used in ancient Rome to denote number


Fruit break - Take a ten minute break and grab a healthy snack. 



Revise your sounds using the following Phonics bloom flashcards game. An adult must click to indicate a right or wrong answer. 

Listen to the jolly phonics song for 'ie' at 6:29

Please watch today's phonic lesson

Pause the video at various points to seek answers or a response from your child. Each student should practice reading the 'ie' words in the video. 

Junior infants worksheet:


1. Find the 'ie' worksheet.                              2. Colour in the 'ie' sounds. Read each word.


3. Draw and colour a picture for each             4. An adult should write additional 'ie' words on the 

    word.                                                                back of the sheet for the student to copy. 


Senior infants have been split into group 1 and group 2 and have received different worksheets as a result. 

Senior infants worksheet group 1:


1. Find the 'ie' brochure and read the story.            2. Read the story a second time. Colour a smiley face.

    Colour a smiley face.                                              Highlight all the 'ie' sounds or words in the story.


3. Read the story a third time if you wish and             4. Write out all the 'ie' words that you found.

    colour the final smiley face.  Answer the four             If there is space, add any additional 'ie'

    questions. Question number 4 asks for an                   words that you know. 



 Senior infants group 2:


1. Find the 'ie' worksheet.                              2. Colour in the 'ie' sounds. Read each word.


3. Draw and colour a picture for each             4. Write three or four additional 'ie' words  

                                                                             on the back of the sheet. 

Tricky words 

Junior infants : Teach new 'By' and 'One'

Revise all the pink tricky words so far by playing a matching game. 

Senior infants :

Revise all your tricky word balls. 



Junior infants

- Begin reading your second reader and revise it throughout the week.

- Junior infants should read a minimum of three pages per day.  

Senior infants

- Begin reading your third reader and revise it until Wednesday.

- Senior infants should read a minimum of five pages per day.


Syllables (Work pack B)

Senior infants group 1 and group 2 only today.  

Here is a website for checking the amount of syllables within a word



 1.  Find the third syllables worksheet in                

     work pack B.                                                             

     Use your preferred strategy to decipher

     the correct amount of syllables in each


     Circle or dot the correct number of syllables 


Lunch - Have your lunch and get some fresh air. 



Get groovy watching and copying The Five senses song.

Encourage your child to sing along as infant pupils primarily learn through the use of songs, poems, rhymes and riddles. 


Explain that today we will be focusing on the second sense of HEARING.

       -  Draw a soundscape 


1. Listen to the following collection of sounds. Pause the video after each new sound to allow for drawing. 

2. Draw each sound as you hear it e.g. If you hear a "moo" or a cow lowing , draw a cow.

3. Revise the sounds that your child heard. Identify where you might hear these e.g. the farm, the beach or a forest. 



Please provide feedback on today's learning. Daily Parent Feedback

Parents and guardians can take pictures of the children's work and forward them to the  School email address . I will correct any work and provide feedback via the Aladdin App noticeboard.