Welcome to Day 5 of Learning from Home.

Mindful Practice Day 5

Maths Topic - Area

4th Class Lesson LINK

5th Class Lesson LINK

6th Class Lesson LINK

Area p126 – 127

Answers in video

Area p128 and P129 –

Correct your answers

Surface Area P163  -

Correct your answers

Correct 4th WIO Friday

Correct 5th WIO Friday

Correct 6th WIO Friday

(Have a look at Week 25 now and let me know in the daily reflection which questions you find challenging so I ensure to address these questions in the tips videos for next week)

 Break Time - Don't forget to take a break, have a healthy snack and a ten minute run around.


English Spellings

Complete your spelling test in your new Spelling City account this week.

Irish Spellings

Click the below link to complete the ‘Spell’ Activities. Ensure that you log in and I will see when you successfully complete the Spell Activity.

·       4th       an Líne Éadaigh       


Writing Task

It is Mother’s Day on Sunday. Let’s use some poetry writing skills we worked on this year to write our very own simile poem about A Mother’s Love!

Below is Molly’s poem about Joy from earlier in the year to inspire you.


Joy is the colour of sunshine after days of rain.

Joy tastes like a five-course meal after not eating for days.

Joy smells like a flower field on a summer's day.

Joy looks like the glorious mountains in the spring.

Joy sounds like laughter on a special occasion.

Joy feels like warmth from a beautiful sunrise.

By Molly O’Donoghue

Just like the Irish Bay’s class project, click into the class project file here, so we can work on our poetry together. Add your name to one of the slides and ensure you add in lots of descriptive language – give lots of details! Keep to editing your own slide and please don’t change the slide template.


It must time for lunch about now and another brain break!



This would be a great time to make a card for your Mum for Mother’s Day. There are lots of ideas here.

However, if you don’t have the materials for a construction project, an A4 page folded with a pretty drawing on the front with your lovely poem on the inside would certainly make your mum smile.

Please do send me a picture of your creation.


It is time to get outside and explore. If you have not had a chance to explore Kilnasaggart Pillar Stone, maybe today would be a good day to get out and about and explore your local area, while finding out more information for your local history project.

Local History Project

For your history project on Kilnasaggart pillar stone OR Moyry Castly (Or other local site), you can be as creative as you like. For the remainder of March, compile some facts and pictures and using whatever form you would prefer – powerpoint/word document/adobe spark video/video/poster or other, share your project with me at the end of March.

Daily Reflection 

Don’t forget to log in and let me know what you thought of learning from home today. Let me know what questions from Week 25 Work It Out you find challenging so I can help you in the videos next week.

Have a great day today and a wonderful weekend 😊