Boys and Girls in Room 2 it's FriYAY not Friday! A big well done to each and every one of you for working so hard over the week. A big well done to the parents too for adjusting an helping their children during this unprecedented time. 



Friday test time! 

Please watch the quick video to know how to set up your Quizlet for the test, I will get the result after you have completed it. 

How to make the test:

Take 10/15 minutes to look over your spellings. If you would rather someone call them out that is okay to and you can send me your sheet with the spellings and ill record the answers. 

1st Class: English , Maths 

2nd Class English , Irish . Maths 

3rd Class English, Irish, Maths


After your tests take a 10 /15 minute break 


English : 

1st Class- Working with Vowels pg 36 skills book. 

2nd Class- Conjunctions pg 36 Starlight

3rd Class  - Conjunctions Starlight Part E

Video for Conjunctions 



Today we are going to look at way we can show how we are kind. It is important for us to treat others we would like to be treated. I want you to spend the day thinking of ways you can be kind around the house. It is important to help people out especially around this time. So think of ways you can be kind around the house, whether its helping your mum, dad, brother, sister or brother eg. make a note on what you have done and we can share what we did on a poster on Monday! 





Try out some skills like dribbling with your feet for football or using your hand for basketball. Show me some flips and tricks on the trampoline for gymnastics. Throw a song on a make a dance.  Make sure you take pictures and send it to the school website.



Art?? Again Mr D'Arcy?? Yes art again. This art is very important! Time to make a card for your mother as it is Mother's Day on Sunday. It is important that you let her know how important she is to you and all things she helps you with like your homework, taking you places etc. 

Here are some ideas that might help you design the card !





That's it, Well done everyone this week again! Now go and enjoy your weekend! You deserve it! 


Parents Survey 

I really appreciate the responses and if there are any problems or questions in the responses I try my best to answer them as quick as possible!  Parent Survey