Good Morning Boys and Girls in Room 2! Its Thursday already almost the end of the week. Well done to everyone yesterday who attempted the work. Make sure too check the documents you send me for the feeback on your work! It is important that you label/ title each document so i know what you are sending me! So its Thursday, we have English Stations, Maths Irish and Art today are the subjects we are going to be looking at. Do your best! Watch the videos to help you through the day! Any problems just get in contact!

English Stations: 

On Thursday we complete English Stations. 

There are 4 stations 10/15 mins at each station. 

Station 1: Guided Readers and Dolsh words 

Station 2: 2nd & 3rd Cursive Hand Writing Practice-  1st - Starlight Part B pg 35 ( write full sentence)

Station 3: Typing Club

Station 4: Freckle Library

Ill be able to see your progress just let me know how you get on with your writing and reading!



I have made 6/7 min videos for 1st & 2nd class for their Maths Lesson. Allow your children to have a listen for the instructions,

Operation Maths: Money 

1st Class- Pg 117/118

2nd Class - 109

3rd Class- Spend 10/15 mins working on Financial Literacy on Freckle to build up your word problem practice  Pg 82/83 Revision Page 


W.I.O wk 24 Thursday 

1st Class

2nd Class

3rd Class 



Continue to practice your spelling on the Room 2 page. We have our spelling test tomorrow and i want everyone to do their best! 

Go onto the Room 2 pages and choose the respective Irish Spelling 



Time to let our imaginations free. I want us to imagine we are in the movie Toy Story and you are 'Andy' or 'Bonnie'. I want you to pick something around your house can be anything like a bottle, an orange juice carton and i want you to imagine what it would look like if it came to life . I have completed a quick example and i have turned the apple into a character called 'Granda Smith'

So now its your turn. Let your imagination loose. Put on some relaxing music and create your 'Toy Story Character' give it a name. Take your time, it doesn't have to completed today!



Let me know of any diffculties or anything that went well today on the parents survey! Parent Survey