Welcome to Day 3 of Learning from Home.

St. Patrick’s Day Recount (40 minutes)

Hope you all had a lovely St. Patrick’s Day yesterday. I’d love to hear about it. Your first challenge today is to complete a recount on your St. Patrick’s Day. A written or oral recount is welcome. A written recount could be completed in Word or Powerpoint with some optional pictures that you share with me. An oral recount could simply be a voice recording that you save to your OneDrive and share with me, or you might want to record a video with the webcam on your PC or camera on your tablet. You can then save to your OneDrive and then share with me. Your parent could email it to me either. I am very flexible.

Remember the following when you are doing a recount. It doesn’t matter if it is written or oral.

Maths (40 minutes)

Time to do your Work It Out Week 24 Tuesday. Please do Wednesday at the end of the day also. The videos with tips for each are below. Don’t forget to put your results into the Quiz. There were two of your who didn’t submit your Monday Maths in the quiz. Please ensure you all do it today. If not, I’ll follow-up with a call.

4th Maths tips

5th Maths tips

6th Maths tips

Tuesday Maths – Check your answers!

4th WIO Tuesday

5th WIO Tuesday

6th WIO Tuesday

Wednesday Maths – Check your answers!

4th WIO Wednesday

5th WIO Wednesday

6th WIO Wednesday

Tomorrow we will be starting a new topic in Maths, but for today let’s just catch up after the Bank Holiday.

Tables (10 minutes)

Let’s continue with Maths and do our tables for Week 24. Ensure to get Week 24 Tuesday and Wednesday done. We will correct all on Friday.


Just before you should go and have a snack and break, let’s continuing with our Mindfulness Practice.

It’s Day 3 of Learning from Home so let’s do the Day 3 Calm Challenge.



Today your English work is to read Unit 12b in Starlight, but first, let’s practise the vocabulary from the story. (A few of you are way ahead of me and have already completed Exercise A Unit 21b in your Starlight - WOW you're amazing.)

Vocabulary – 20 minute Practice

I’ve set up accounts for you to practise this from home, as you usually do these activities at the IWB in class. You will now be able to log into Spelling and Vocabulary City and complete the vocabulary activities for your English. Your username and password is the same as Quizlet, but let me know if you are having problems by entering into the Issues form at the end of this plan and I will sort it out.

Video for logging into Spelling and Vocabulary City

Spelling and Vocabulary City Login

Reading and Comprehension Activity (30 minutes)

Now that you are familiar with the tricky vocabulary from the unit, read the procedure in Starlight 12b.

Please answer the comprehension questions A and B and send to me online - Remember, I expect full answers. You can always take a picture of our work either and ask your parent to email to me if you’d prefer to work in this way. I don’t mind as long as I get your answers in some format 😊

Spelling – 10 minute Quizlet practice

Remember to log into Quizlet – I can see what you are practising and what you have mastered – keep focused.

4th Class Quizlet              5th/6th Quizlet

Tomorrow we will continue with our Guided Reading from home, but for now just focus on your Starlight reading.

DEAR Time – Spend 10 minutes on Readtheory. Really concentrate on the questions – remember quality – not quantity.

Lunch Time – Take a half hour break for lunch and a run around outside


Litriú (10 minutes)

Quizlet Learn Practice – ensure to listen and repeat the phrases

Fócloir (10 minutes)

An Clár Ama  agus na hábhair scoile – Imir na cluichí

Tomorrow we will do Irish writing and your irish reading, but for today, just focus on the irish vocabulary and your spellings.

Remember to log in to Quizlet, so I can see how well you are getting on with this activity.


Geography (40 minutes)

Revise the bays of Ireland. Bays Quiz

Activity - Collaborative Bays of Ireland Class Powerpoint

Pick a bay form the Quiz above and fill in the following details into a collaborative Bays of Ireland Class Powerpoint

I have added enough slides for everyone in the class – remember the rules when collaborating on a project. Be respectful of other pupils’ slides and work. Please don’t change the powerpoint theme.

  • Your Name
  • Bay Name (Can you find the Irish name on google maps?)
  • County of Ireland
  • Provence of Ireland
  • Picture of the Bay
  • Distance from Faughart (use google maps)
  • One other interesting fact about the bay

Local Project   (60 minutes today – more time over the next week)

We had been starting to learn about early Christian Ireland in class in March. Kilnasaggart Stone is a Monastic site within walking distance of Faughart. I myself walked from Faughart Hill to Kilnasaggart stone and it is a lovely walk.

This stone is the oldest known Christian memorial in Ireland right in middle of the gap of the North.

I would like to you spend time over the next week on a local history project. Get outside and visit the two local sites mentioned in this video – encourage your family to take you, weather permitting because it would be a great way to spend an hour and get out of the house.

Watch the first 10 minutes of this video about our local area and answer the following 20 questions in your project copy.

Over the next week, I am going to ask you to compile your research together using what ever form you would prefer – powerpoint/word document/adobe spark video/video/poster or other. Take notes in your project copy as you watch the first 10 minutes.

  1. What is the name of the parish in the video?
  2. What county is it in?
  3. What is the name of the mountain?
  4. Can you find Kilnasaggart pillar stone on Google Maps?
  5. It is exactly 4km walk from the school. How many kilometres is it from your house?
  6. What does Kilnasaggart mean?
  7. Who maybe inscribed the stone?
  8. What is the name of the local historian?
  9. What is the name on the stone? What does it tell us?
  10. How many graves were uncovered on this site?
  11. Who made the marks on the side of Killnasaggart stone?
  12. Do some online research about the stone.
  13. Why not visit the stone. Draw the stone. Get a picture standing beside the stone.
  14. When was Moyry castle built?
  15. Who built Moyry castle?
  16. Who was the first commanding officer at Moyry castle and when was he there?
  17. How many kilometres is Moyry Castle from your home? Did you find it on Google maps?
  18. Why not visit Moyry Castle. Draw the castle. Get a picture standing beside it.
  19. Do some online research about the castle.
  20. Could you phone a neighbour or grandparent and find out some more facts?

Don’t forget to log in and let me know what you thought of learning from home today.

Have a great day today. I hope you enjoy finding out more about your remarkable local history. I am already looking forward to  next week when you will submit your project to me.