Dia dhaoibh ar maidin. I hope you had a lovely St Patrick's Day. Well done to all who completed the forms and their work on Monday! It was great to see so many of responses to the work. Keep it up! I want 1st class to focus on their handwriting today. Dont worry about sharing word documents. I want you to focus on presentation and spelling! Send a picture to the school email of your work. 


Morning Movement!

To wake us up this morning we are going back to one of the class favourites. It is very important for us to get up and do some exercise. It clears all the cobwebs in our body and clears our mind which gets us ready for a good day of work. 

Go Noodle- Footloose




On Wednesday in English we focus on our writing.This week we are going to focus on Reccount Writing. Where we talk about something that has happened. What we are going to do is recount our St Patricks Day. Think of these questions while you're writing your story: 

1. What did you do?

2. Who did you spend it with?

3.Did you go anywhere special or have special traditions?

4. Did you have a special meal for St Patricks Day?

5. How was this St Patricks Days different to last years? 

6.How did you celebrate last years?

Make sure you plan out your reccount writing using the spider diagram. It is important to plan as you know what you are writing. 

I am going to add a task for the writing for all classes. I want 1st class to add in one adjective to each sentence , 2nd class two adjectives and 3rd class 2 adjective and an adverb.

Adjective are words that describe a noun eg. The fat cat. Fat is the adjective because it is describing a noun which is cat. Try your best!

Adverbs are where your describing the verb eg The girl was slowly walking towards the school.  Slowly would be the adverb as it is describing the verb. 


Make sure to read the story again just in case you forget about it. 

1st Class - Pg 35 Part A in copy  *answer green bubble too

2nd Class- pg 35 Part A& B in copy

Video on the Antarctic which will aid 1st and 2nd class : 

Antarctica for Kids

3rd Class- pg 143 A&B 


Make sure to continue with the spellings, dolsh words and the guided readers!




Before we begin the Maths Lesson: Make sure children complete Number Facts Wk 25 Wednesday. 


1st 2nd and 3rd class were all looking at money in class. So we will just revise money until the end of the week. 

Warmup Activity- Money sorting activity for all classes - Game 


1st class - Opertation Maths pg 116

2nd Class - Operation Maths pg 108. 

3rd Class- Money Sheet- 1-20  Complete sheet in copy and Share picture of copy with me. 


Work it Out

Finish Maths off with the Daily Work It Out - Make sure to log into your Office 365 account and enter your answers into Forms. (click on your class)

1st Class

2nd Class

3rd Class


Break Time! Make sure to get some exercise in and have a bite to eat!


Irish Stations 

On Wednesday we complete Irish Stations. Usually we have 4 stations in the class but in this case we will have three. Spend 10/15 mins at each station. 

Station 1- Only for 2nd and 3rd this week- FF- Spelling book complete this weeks spelling page. 

Station 2 - Quizlet wk 24 Irish Spellings ( Click appropriate Class from Room 2 Page)

Station 3 - Learning the Different Foods game 


SESE- History

We are going to look at Irish Mythology of Óisín i Tír na nÓg. I will attach a powerpoint where you will read the story of Tír na nÓ


What I then want you to do is to think about Tír na nÓg. What do you think it would look like. Draw a picture in your copy of your version of Tír na nÓg. 

In your copy , I want you to retell the story of Tír na nÓg in your own words and your own picture. I want you to focus on your handwriting making sure you have capital letters and full stops in the sentence. Make sure you give the characters in the story their names. 


 Apps on School Page

Don't Forget about the apps that we use in class on the school page.

We use Freckle to help with our English Comprehension and Maths

Typing Club to help us learn to type. 

Read Theory- Reading comprehension. 

I can monitor the children's work when they log on. 


Parent Feedback Survey

Let me know how your child has gotten on with their learning today! Parent Feedback Survey