Good Morning boys and girls in Room 2. Welcome to your 1st day of working from home! It is a half day today and we are celebrating Lá Glas Sa Bhaile. I hope that you are wearing your fantastic green outfits. Ensure to send me in a picture of you learning from home today dressed up for Lá Glas! An email was sent to all parents of children in 1st and 2nd to help with the work over the weeks. It also contains a video link for parents to help you understand how to use the apps. Make sure you have a read of the email. 

Get Rid of Those Cobwebs

Might be a good idea to get rid of the cobwebs. Here is just one of the Go Noodles that we do in class just to wake us up in the morning and get the brains working. 

Go Noodle- Wake Up


We will begin every Monday the same by beginning with our spellings for the week. These will be on the Quizlet file. make sure you log in using the Username and Password that was sent out to you in an email last night so i can track your progress. Get a pencil and a piece of paper and have a competition with your parents, brothers or sisters to see who can think of the most words with the focus letters in the word. Exact same as we do in the class

1st Class- <-ew>

2nd Class- <ear>

3rd Class- <u>



Have a read of the new Starlight Story in your book. 1st Class are reading the Story 4b- Where is Hot and Where is Not , 2nd Class-  The Arctic and Antarctica

3rd Class-12b Procedure How to Make a Fantastic Creature Kite


1st and 2nd Class: Make sure to focus on the focus words ( words in bold throughout the story)  and see if you can put them into a sentence into your copy. 

3rd Class: Have a look at the focus words in your story and see if you can understand them. Use a dictionary to help you. Send me on what you find out through Word




 We missed the Friday Work it Out Test so what i am going to do is to put a link to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd class test from Forms and if you would like to, you will fill in the answers on that. 3rd class can send me a picture of their workings out through word. The questions will be in your Work it Out you fill in the form. 


Friday Test (Optional)


1st Class 

2nd Class

3rd Class


Monday Work It Out Week 24 

1st Class

2nd Class

3rd Class



First thing i want the class to do is practice there Irish Spellings. I have given the option for 1st class to just practice for fun. I won't be asking for them to do a test on Friday. I feel that it is good practice for them. They will do the exact same spellings as 2nd class. All these spellings can be found on the Quizlet app. 

1st and 2nd - <ó>

3rd - <ái>


Lá Glas

Make Sure to share your pictures of your Lá Glás, whether you are practicing your Irish Poem - An Leprechaun, speaking As Gaeilge to somebody in your house or practicing your Irish dancing! Enjoy it, wear as much green as possible. I Hope you have a fantastic day. Make sure to get some exercise too very important!




Please provide feedback on today's learning. Daily Parent Feedback