Welcome to Day 2 of Learning from Home.

Congratulations to you all! You continue to impress me, even from afar! 94% of my class logged into do work on Thursday evening and Friday morning. There was even a few of you sending me work on Sunday! You have all certainly kept me busy with correcting with the amount of work that you completed! Please review the comments in your OneDrive.

I have put up the results of your tests on the Aladdin app, so your parents can see how well you are working.

It is a half day today and we are celebrating Lá Glas Sa Bhaile. I hope that you are wearing your fantastic green outfits. Ensure to send me in a picture of you learning from home today dressed up for Lá Glas!

I am hoping that at 11:45 we could all log into Microsoft Teams in our Office 365 Apps where I have created a Class Chat Forum. We should be able to share our photos here! (It is important to remember and practise the rules that we have learned for ‘Being Kind Online’ in this learning space)


Let’s start the Day by continuing with our Mindfulness Practice. We will do shorter sessions at home than we have done in school until we get used to practising it at home also.

Let’s start with the Day 1 Breathing Challenge.

As it is a half day today, we will only prepare our spellings, tables and Work It Out Maths this morning and then you can have the rest of the day to celebrate Lá Glas, while the teachers are engaging with our new Primary Language Curriculum.

English Spelling Pre-Test

4th Class are focusing on the long U sound /u/.

Watch this video to revise the sound and then do your pre-test in your homework copies as you usually do on Monday mornings.

5th and 6th class are focusing on the -ify suffix.

Have a look at the rule in the video below and then do your pre-test in your homework copies as normal.


4th Class Pre-test 1          5th/6th Pre-test 1

4th Class Pre-test 2          5th/6th Pre-test 2

4th Class Pre-test 3          5th/6th Pre-test 3

Correct your Pre-Test

Now it is time to correct your pre-test but today you have to use Quizlet yourself to correct. Follow the same steps as we normally do. Ensure to say the word, spell out each word correctly and write it down  correctly beside your pre-test.

Tell me in your reflection at the end of the day what you learned from your pre-test. You can even send me a picture of your copy (quite of few of you sent me pictures of your copies on Friday – Well done!)

4th Class Quizlet               5th/6th Quizlet

Next our Irish Spellings.  Both levels are on a topic week.


Féach ar an an pictiúr. Cliceáil ar an bhfocail. Éist leis an focal nó abairt agus ansin abair é.

(Tá mo mhac Eoghan, mo mhac Seán, agus m’iníon Clíodhna ag rá na focail 😊 )

Ansin imir an cluiche. Cuir an focail/abairt cheart leis an bpictiúr ceart. Abair na focail arís.


We are going to prepare for Work It Out Week 24 Monday. I’ve created a separate video with tips for each class. Watch the video, then complete the working out in your maths homework copy. Remember – the working out is the most important thing!

Correct your work by entering your answers into the quiz.

Thank you to Ciarán, Adam, Mark, Maisie and Molly who let me know through the reflection form that there were some issues with entering the fractions and with the order of some of the questions. I’ve addressed all these issues in the videos, so hopefully all will be smooth today.

Video Tips 4th Class

Video Tips 5th Class

Video Tips 6th Class

How did you get one? Put you answers into the Quiz and find out – I will be instantly notified.

4th WIO Monday

5th WIO Monday

6th WIO Monday


Tables Week 24

Week 24 focuses on thirds and trebles .  Get Monday done today and we will correct it later in the week.

Lá Glas Sa Bhaile

Don’t forget to log in and let me know what you thought of learning from home today. The average score for Friday was 4 out of 5!

Have a great day today. Have fun with your family. I can’t wait to see all the photos from Lá Glas sa Bhaile!