As part of a unit of work on caring for the environment,  pupils compiled a variety of everyday materials this week and preticted what would happen when we bury the materials in our school garden over Easter.

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Materials included:

tissue, paper,cardboard, a variety of different plastic materials, felt, cotton wool, banana skins, tinfoil, clingfilm.

Pupils designed a fair test to ensure that all criteria in the experiment were constant except the material being invesigated.

We buried the materials today in the school garden and will discover what has happened each when we return after the Easter holidays.

The outcome of this experiment will hopefully help to encourage good practice on the materials we take to school in our lunchboxes going forward.

Upcoming Events

4 Mar

What is the most efficient design of an Archimedes screw?

5 Mar

6th class are holding a secondhand book sale in the school hall on Thursday 5th March to help celebrate World Book Day. We would welcome any book donations for this in-school fundraiser. This is a great opportunity to clear out those book shelves and buy some new books at bargain prices. Pupils are invited to dress up as a character from a book on this day.

11 Mar

As part of our Green School Litter Less Campaign, all pupils in our school are getting the opportunity to visit Dundalk Recycling Centre for a short school tour on Wednesday 11th March during the school day.

17 Mar
6 Apr
Closed Closed for Easter Holidays
04.06.2020 - 04.18.2020
25 Apr
Confirmation in Kilcurry at 2pm
04.25.2020 2:00 pm
4 May

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