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Christmas Shoeboxes

All the pupils in Faughart CNS have been getting into the Christmas spirit by creating Christmas Shoeboxes for Team Hope. What a great way to start preparing for Christmas!

Christmas Shoeboxes


Measuring Lung Capacity


Room 3 have been working as a team in October measuring the whole school's height and their lung capacity using spirometers that we designed and made in school. 

Pupils also got the opportunity to made models of the lungs and diaphragm. Have a look at the videos of these experiments.

We are looking forward to presenting this project during science week for the whole school community.

Lung Capacity 1

Lung Capacity 2


Celebrating with Roche Players

Thank you to the Roche Players for coming into the school in October and giving us the opportunity to help celebrate their success!


Halloween Assembly and Danceathon

Room 2 treated us to a very interesting and entertaining Halloween assembly, followed by our October Awards and a fantastic Danceathon.

What a way to end school for mid-term!




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