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Pupil Pyramids

The boys and girls in Room 2 and Room 3 took advantage of the lovely weather we've been having by being very active during their lunch break. They put their heads together and combined their knowledge of 3D shapes and Ancient Egypt to create their own Human Pyramids! Great job guys!!

Marvellous Marbling

Pupils enjoyed experimenting with paper marbling printing technique in class today and were pleasantly surprised with the effects achieved with lines, shapes, colours and patterns in the end products.


Super Space

Room 3 have completed lots of research on Space recently and compiled their favourite facts into information videos on the topic.

Lots of fun and learning took place during this process! Review our videos and we hope you will learn some new space facts.


Winners at Cooley Credit Union Races

Congratulations to all the pupils who competed and represented Faughart CNS at the Cooley Credit Union Races at the Bush track last night!

Great achievement in the boys relay and a winner in the 2nd class races!