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Room 2 Learning Plan Tuesday 31st

Good Morning Room 2, Here is our plan for you today. Ive added in a 3 day project for you to do at home! I want you to get creative during this project so don't rush it! We are having a Teams meet up at 11:30 in the Room 2 group. More information on this is in the plan. Looking forward to seeing you all!


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Room 1 Tuesday 31st Learning Plan


Morning meeting

Use this morning warm up Go Noodle - Run the red carpet  to get those minds and bodies moving!


On Tuesday and Thursday morning we engage in a few minutes of mindfulness, where we focus on breathing and stretching. 

Control your breathing using Bee breath



We are looking at the story of  'The three little pigs' this week. Please watch the lesson Na Trí Mhuicín

Follow the link to access the Luascartaí. Practice the vocabulary by clicking the flashcard and displaying the picture.

   - Students should repeat each term as it is introduced. 

   - Students and parents should assign a simple action to each word.

   - Play the matching game by clicking the 'match' icon in the left hand column


Listen to and practise our poem Seo í an fhuinneog




Complete the following physical counting exercises. The students must count out loud as they move.

- 10 jumping jacks

- Marching on the spot for 15

- 5 hula hoops in one direction and 7 hula hoops in the other (hip circles)

- Hoping on your right foot for 8

- Hoping on your left foot for 8

- Hit the sky above your head for 15

- Crouch down on your hunkers and count backwards from 10 to 1 and jump up at *BLAST OFF*


Junior infants worksheet: 


 1. Find the 'Add' maths worksheet.                    2.   Count the number of items in each set.

                                                                                   using your finger.

                                                                                   Read each number sentence aloud

                                                                                   e.g. 1 + 1 = 2 



  3. Trace each number and colour the pictures.                     


Senior infants group 1 and group 2 worksheet


1. Find the 'Add' worksheet. 

   Fill in the missing numbers in each sum. 


 FRUIT BREAK - Grab some fruit and take a break.



Junior and Senior infants have different phonics this week. 

Please revise yesterday's phonic lesson. 

Listen to the jolly phonics song for 'ng' at 7:41. Press your weights above your head and say "ng".

Pause the video at various points to seek answers or a response from your child. Each student should practice reading the /ng/ words in the video. 


Build /ng/ words using Forest phonics Junior infants will need help from an adult.



Junior infants worksheet :


Make a list of three to four /ng/ words and help your child to spell each or allow them to copy your writing. Draw a picture for each word.


Senior infants have been split into group 1 and group 2 and have received different worksheets as a result. 

Please watch /ue/ words

Listen to the jolly phonics song for /ue/ at 11:19

Build /ue/ words using Forest phonics. Senior infants should aim to play independently. 


Senior infants worksheet group 1:


1. Read the story of 'The Rescue'                                 2. Summarise the story into a beginning, middle

    again.                                                                            and end.

                                                                                          Write one or two sentences for each. 



3. Build the /ue/ words. Cross each                             4. Read the /ue/ words and colour the 

    word out when you use it.                                           pictures. 


Senior infants group 2:


 1. Find the /ue/ sentence writing template             2. Revise the /ue/ words from your worksheet

     in work pack B.


3. Put each /ue/' word into a short sentence. 


Tricky words 

Junior infants : Teach new 'Old' and 'Only'

Revise all the pink and blue tricky words so far by playing Go fish. 

Go Fish card game tutorial

Each player should be dealt five cards and the students should aim to collect the most pairs.


Senior infants :

Revise all your tricky word balls.




Junior infants

- Revise your first reader  until Wednesday.

- Junior infants should read a minimum of three pages per day.

Senior infants

- Revise three of your four readers this week. 

- Senior Infants may engage in shared reading this week. The student reads five pages, then the parent/guardian reads five pages etc. 



  LUNCH - Eat some lunch and exercise outside. 


Syllables (Work pack B)

Junior infants only today.

Here is a website for checking the amount of syllables within a word



 1.  Find the third syllables worksheet in                

     work pack B.                                                             

     Use your preferred strategy to decipher

     the correct amount of syllables in each


     Circle or dot the correct number of syllables 


Rhymes (Work pack B)

Senior infants groups 1 and 2 only today. 


 1.  Find the first rhyming worksheet in                    

      work pack B.       

      Circle or dot the correct rhyming word in

      each row.                                              




Please provide feedback on today's learning. Daily Parent Feedback

Parents and guardians can take pictures of the children's work and forward them to the  School email address . I will correct any work and provide feedback via the Aladdin App noticeboard. 

Room 2 Learning Plan Monday 30th March

Good Morning Girls and Boys in Room 2. I hope you had a fantastic weekend! We are into week 3 of Learning from home and each and every one of you are doing a fantastic job so keep it up! Here is our plan our work today! Very similar to the work we have been doing every Monday! 

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