The 3rd class took upon a project of creating an acrostic poem that will tell people about our school. They did a unbelievable job  with researching the correct words, searching the web for the best pictures that would represent our school and they worked great as a team!. They were able to then help the 1st and 2nd class create their own acrostic poems using their names! These poems are hanging just outside our class so why not check them out when you're in!


    This month we've been learning about all the changes that happen in our natural enviornment at this time of year. With Autumn, comes, darker evenings and colder mornings, warmer clothes and boot covered toes. The leaves are changing colour. In Summer they were green but in Autumn they turn beautiful shades of red, orange, yellow and brown. Eventually they fall off the trees. We decided to head outside to see these changes for ourselves!


    During our nature trail we collected fallen leaves and small twigs. We noticed how the trees branches were becoming more sparse and how a pile of leaves can provide hours of fun! We used these to do some leaf rubbings, whch you can find displayed in our classroom!

    We found some pine cones lying nearby and Ms McDermott brought in a handful of chestnuts and sycamore leaves or "helicopters". 


    Autumn is also a very busy time for a number of different animals! Squirrels, frogs, bears and bats are all preparing for a long winter sleep known as "hibernation". They must gather lots of food to keep them satisfied during the winter, when there isnt much food around! We decided to help the local hedgehogs with their preparations by building a hibernaculum. 


    We used a cardboard box, branches, leaves, shredded paper, bricks, a plastic bag, a pipe and LOTS of teamwork to make our cosy hibernaculum! 


    Autumn collage



  • Last week in Maths we focused on how we measured area using both standard measuring units and non-standard measuring units (Books). We were able to find the area of both our hands and feet! Using the books we measured different areas of the classroom from the Whiteboard to tables. Using elastic bands we were able to create our own shapes and challenge our friends to find the area of the shapes!

  • Over the last number of weeks in Room 2, we have been working in groups to learn how to code! We are having lots of fun trying to fix the codes, find the virus in the different codes and creating our own codes! Check out the pictures at us learning how to code. 

  • Boys and Girls in 1st, 2nd and 3rd class were learning representing and interpreting  data during the month of October. They wanted to find out some answers to some questions that they had. So with the help of the boys and girls of Room 1, they were able to get the results. Check them out!

  • Fractions have been the main focus in Maths for Room 2. We've taken an active approach to learning about fractions which has really helped us all to understand. Well done guys!


    2nd and 4th Class entertained the whole school with poetry, drama and song during their amazing assembly. It was wonderful to learn about all the fantastic projects, learning and fun going on in 2nd-4th class since September.

    20181026 172355 COLLAGE


    5th and 6th Class has been busy taking tallies of the fruit and veg in every class every day and the most active class.

    This month Room 1 retained the Peter Rabbit Active Award and Room 3 bagged the fruit and veg one! The variety of fruit and veg eaten this month has been remarkable. We are looking forward to creating bar charts of the data in 5th and 6th in November.


    Finally last month's Caring Citizen presented October's Caring Citizen Award to a very worthy pupil and we also celebrated October Birthdays. The winning team from our Maths Week Maths Trail around the school was also celebrated!

    Caring CitizenBirthdayCelebrations

    Another wonderful month of active learning and fun in Faughart Community National School!

    We are looking forward to Assembly in Room 1 in November when Junior Infants and 1st class will be given the opportunity to entertain us.

  • The children in Room 2 conducted many experiments whiles learning about heat. We conducted 3 experiments that focused on how heat conducts with different materials. We put chocolate into a glass bowl and observed it melt through the heat of the hot water, we watched as the butter melted at different paces on the different spoons and finally we watched as when air is heated up it rises and it blew our balloon up on our bottle1 It was great fun and lucky for us we used the melted chocolate to make our own RICE KRISPE BUNS!!

  • Pupils in 5th and 6th enjoyed creating dramatic versions of the Poem, 'How to Sleep Well on Halloween Night' using the Clips App on our new IPads.

    Great work and we are learning a lot about how to collaborate effectively in groups!

  • During the month we learned a lot about length. We were very active in our leaning by measuring all around the school area. We measured the basketball court, the hallway, the school hall and loads of different objects around our classroom. We found the perimeter of all of these area! It was great fun!

  • In September, we learned about simple machines and created a wagging dog toy using a lever. We learned that a lever is a fixed bar that rotates around a pivot, called a fulcrum. 


  • The Boys and Girls in Room 2 were learning lots about magnetic forces recently. We use that knowledge to create our own magnetic mazes. The boys and girls had lots of fun creating and trying out the different magnetic mazes in the class!

  • As part of our RSE policy, Junior and Senior infants have been learning about new life and caring for newborns.

    We introduced the appropriate anatomical terms by giving our own dolls a bath. 


    The children helped prepare a bath before washing, drying and clothing each doll.




  • 4th, 5th and 6th learned how to be safe on the internet for Safer Internet Day and created stories using scratch programming to teach others about the rules they came up with:

  • 5th and 6th class presented our January Assembly recently where they informed the whole school about keeping safe online.

    For Safety Internet Day, pupils created animations of their rules for using the internet using Scratch 3.0. Have a look at our videos.




    They also informed the whole school about Italy, Ancient Rome and some of the main personalities from the Renaissance period.

    Have a look at some of the videos and presentations that they designed by scanning the QR Codes that they created. 




    Finally,January awards were presented to some of our well-deserving pupils.

    20190204 134439

    20190204 134540

    20190204 134626

    20190205 10345020190204 134826

    What a productive month!



  • This week in Room 2 we celebrated Science Week 2018. During this week we looked at and learned about the different parts of the tongue. We now know that the tongue has different parts to identify different tastes such as sweet, bitter, salty and sour. We decided to test our taste buds by having a  blind taste test in our class. We were able to identify the different parts of the tongue from the different foods.!


    Also, We looked at different water experiments during the week. We had a look at how water reacts with oil and tablets. We saw that the water sinks to through the oil. We had food colouring and a tablet and watched it become our very own Lava Lamp. We also look how water travels through different materials and how water dissolves sugar.



    We had so much fun during science week 2018. We are looking forward to completing more experiments during the year!!Have a look at the pictures of us completing our experiments!





    This week in Room 2,  we celebrated Space Week 2018. We learned all about the planets in our Solar System. During this week we created our own Solar System, we wrote reports about our own planets that we created and studied how the Earth orbits the Sun. We also learned poems about Aliens, read stories about Neil Armstrong, who was the first person to walk on the moon !!!!  We also completed fun and interesting projects to help us understand all this new information. Check out the pictures of us working on our projects!!

    We also created a poem to help us rememebr the order of the planets!



    We had great fun about learning about space this week and we are looking forward to Maths Week 2018 which starts next week !!!

  • Our 3rd class students were working hard over the last few months learning about engineering and developing ideas for their STEPS engineering project. The students were very creative with their ideas and worked well as a group. They decided to create a lift to help people moving heavy loads in their houses. They made two models of the lifts that can be used. One would be electric powered and the other would be powered by the wind. Great Job 3rd Class! 



    We've been enjoying lots of STEM challenges so far this year.

    We've built towers, created Scratch animations of our names, worked on strategy games like Draughts and Chess, developed spacial awareness and problem solving using tangrams and played lots of games to reinforce all the mathematical concepts we have been learning in maths. We have particularly enjoyed the alien angles game online. Play some of the games here:

    1. Tangrams Game:
    2. Learn Chess:
    3. Alien Angles:
    4. Shape Game:
    5. Shape Sort:

    STEM Challenges

  • The children in Room 2 this week were learning lots about 2D shapes. they were very interested to find out what animals they could make using shapes of different sizes. They had great fun creating animals such as scorpions, whales, cats, rabbits, squirrels and kangaroos!