This month we've been learning about all the changes that happen in our natural enviornment at this time of year. With Autumn, comes, darker evenings and colder mornings, warmer clothes and boot covered toes. The leaves are changing colour. In Summer they were green but in Autumn they turn beautiful shades of red, orange, yellow and brown. Eventually they fall off the trees. We decided to head outside to see these changes for ourselves!


    During our nature trail we collected fallen leaves and small twigs. We noticed how the trees branches were becoming more sparse and how a pile of leaves can provide hours of fun! We used these to do some leaf rubbings, whch you can find displayed in our classroom!

    We found some pine cones lying nearby and Ms McDermott brought in a handful of chestnuts and sycamore leaves or "helicopters". 


    Autumn is also a very busy time for a number of different animals! Squirrels, frogs, bears and bats are all preparing for a long winter sleep known as "hibernation". They must gather lots of food to keep them satisfied during the winter, when there isnt much food around! We decided to help the local hedgehogs with their preparations by building a hibernaculum. 


    We used a cardboard box, branches, leaves, shredded paper, bricks, a plastic bag, a pipe and LOTS of teamwork to make our cosy hibernaculum! 


    Autumn collage