• Over the last number of weeks in Room 2, we have been working in groups to learn how to code! We are having lots of fun trying to fix the codes, find the virus in the different codes and creating our own codes! Check out the pictures at us learning how to code. 

  • Pupils in 5th and 6th enjoyed creating dramatic versions of the Poem, 'How to Sleep Well on Halloween Night' using the Clips App on our new IPads.

    Great work and we are learning a lot about how to collaborate effectively in groups!

  • Pupils enjoyed creating lino prints during February and entered their favourite prints into the creative spark printing competition. This has definitely been the favourite art activity of the year to date in room 3.

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    20190226 085812

  • The pupils in Faughart CNS enjoyed dressing up as book characters this week to celebrate world book Day!

    20190306 091717