• Happy Halloween!


    2nd and 4th Class entertained the whole school with poetry, drama and song during their amazing assembly. It was wonderful to learn about all the fantastic projects, learning and fun going on in 2nd-4th class since September.

    20181026 172355 COLLAGE


    5th and 6th Class has been busy taking tallies of the fruit and veg in every class every day and the most active class.

    This month Room 1 retained the Peter Rabbit Active Award and Room 3 bagged the fruit and veg one! The variety of fruit and veg eaten this month has been remarkable. We are looking forward to creating bar charts of the data in 5th and 6th in November.


    Finally last month's Caring Citizen presented October's Caring Citizen Award to a very worthy pupil and we also celebrated October Birthdays. The winning team from our Maths Week Maths Trail around the school was also celebrated!

    Caring CitizenBirthdayCelebrations

    Another wonderful month of active learning and fun in Faughart Community National School!

    We are looking forward to Assembly in Room 1 in November when Junior Infants and 1st class will be given the opportunity to entertain us.

  • Safer Internet Day, Italy Presentations and Awards at Assembly

    5th and 6th class presented our January Assembly recently where they informed the whole school about keeping safe online.

    For Safety Internet Day, pupils created animations of their rules for using the internet using Scratch 3.0. Have a look at our videos.




    They also informed the whole school about Italy, Ancient Rome and some of the main personalities from the Renaissance period.

    Have a look at some of the videos and presentations that they designed by scanning the QR Codes that they created. 




    Finally,January awards were presented to some of our well-deserving pupils.

    20190204 134439

    20190204 134540

    20190204 134626

    20190205 10345020190204 134826

    What a productive month!



  • September Assembly


    We concluded a very exciting first month in Faughart Community National School with our September Assembly.

    5th and 6th class hosted our very first assembly and impressed us all with their singing, tin whistling, poetry and projects from their first month.

    We also celebrated successes in our school:

    • Peter Rabbit Active Award: Room 1 received the Peter Rabbit Award for being the most active classroom this month.
    • Golden Apple Award: Room 2 received the Golden Apple award for eating the most fruit per pupils this month.
    • Super Sugar Snap Pea Award:Finally Room 3 received the Super Sugar Snap Pea award.

    We are looking forward to keeping tallies next month to determine which class will get these awards next month.

    Finally a very special award, the Caring Citizen Award, was presented to one of our amazing pupils who demonstrated many examples of kindness to her peer in September. She is already looking forward to presenting this award to another worthy pupil next month.

    A wonderful conclusion to a very exciting month!