Good Morning! Happy Wednesday. We are half way through the week and all of you are working so hard! Keep it up! 


Here is our plan for the day. : 



08:50 – 10:20


Maths Activities

  • Unit 17 Number Facts  (Wednesday)
  • Unit 17 Work It Out (Wednesday)
  • Operation Maths Activities - assigned on Teams Call

10:30 – 11:30

English Activities - 

English Grammar- Jolly Grammar Needed. 

2nd Class - 10:30

3rd Class - 10:50 

  • logo vocabularya z Log into Vocabulary A-Z and complete spelling & vocab activities.
  • You can start learning your spellings in Vocabulary A-Z or on Quizlet:
  • 2nd : Long u
  • 3rd : -less 

Reading Zone / Starlight 

  • 2nd Class : Starlight Unit 1a Part A & B pg 8
  • 3rd Class : Reading Zone Part E  Unit 17 
  • You can use your copy and take a picture of the completed work or else type the answers into your class notebook on your assignment in Teams.

11:30 – 12:50

Guided Readers Teams Call. (English)

11:30 Blue

11:50 Red

12:10 Orange

12:30- Green

Gaeilge Activities

Irish Spelling Workbook 

  • Complete third page of Fuaimeanna agus Focail Aonad 16 (3rd Class)

Project Work! 

Geography- Oceans 

Continuing on with our theme of water, what we are going to focus on today are the oceans of the world. Over 60% of the Earth is covered in water. We have many seas and we also have seas that are huge which we call oceans. There are so many different types of water on the earth. You have waters that have no fish because it is too salty, you have waters that is freezing and only some types of animals can live in it. 

What your task is today is to watch this video on oceans. After the video i want you to pick one of the oceans that are mentions and i want you to answer these questions.


Link to video

1. What is the name of the ocean?

2.Where is the ocean on the Earth?

3. What fish/animals live in or around this ocean? 

4. What is the biggest ocean on the Earth. 

5. How many oceans are mentioned in the video? 



Find some facts about your ocean. 4/5


Research your ocean. You can use your copy,  create a Sway ( Using Office 365) to record and answer your questions.