Good Morning, Happy Tuesday everyone! I look forward to seeing you all later on. 

Please do note that work should be submitted through the assignment on Teams. You can upload the work through pictures or completing the work in the assignment. I will be able to give feedback on the work through the assignment. 

If you are unsure how to upload on Teams, have a look at this video. 


Here is our Daily Plan. 

08:50 – 10:20


Maths Activities

  • Unit 17 Number Facts  (Monday)
  • Unit 17 Work It Out (Monday)
  • Operation Maths Activities - assigned on Teams Call


10:30 – 11:30

Abair Liom- An Aimsir 

Gaeilge Activities

11:30 – 12:50


Guided Readers Teams Call. (English)

11:30 Oráiste

11:50 Blue

12:10 Red

12:30- Green

 English  Activities

  • logo vocabularya z Log into Vocabulary A-Z and complete your pre-test for Unit 17 spellings. 
  • You can start learning your spellings in Vocabulary A-Z or on Quizlet:
  • 2nd : Long u
  • 3rd : -less 

Reading Zone / Starlight Combined Skills Book 

  • 2nd Class : Starlight Unit 8b Part C & Bottom box  pg 7
  • 3rd Class : Reading Zone Part C & D Unit 17 
  • You can use your copy and take a picture of the completed work or else type the answers into your class notebook on your assignment in Teams.

Project Work! History 


Story of St Brendan : 

Many people think that St. Brendan, an Irish monk, discovered America nearly 1,000 years before Christopher Columbus. The story of St. Brendan's travels is full of strange adventures.

Watch the the story of St Brendan about his trip to discover America. Re-tell the story in your own words  using pictures, story, sway, powerpoint. (Choose one) 


How does St Brendan boat differ from the boat you made?.