Maidin mhaith gach duine!

Here is the today's learning plan. If you incur any problems with links or resources, please message me on Aladdin and I will endeavor to assist you. 



Morning meeting

Use this morning warm up GoNoodle - Loud house dance to get those minds and bodies moving!


Junior Infants

Juniors Infants 

- Revise Hey Diddle Diddle (Chant or sing the nursery rhyme)

- Revise set 3 using Initial sounds 2a

  Use the 'match' icon in the column on the left hand side to match each picture to the correct sound. 


Senior Infants 

- Practice your Word work 2a

  Use the 'spell' icon in the column on the left hand side to practice spelling four letter words. Encourage 

  your child to read the sentence and guess the word before spelling it or they can click the 'speaker' to

  hear the word and spell it there after. 






Online classes (click the link to join the class or join from the calendar on Teams)


First class ( To be completed after the teams call)

-  Unit 14 Number facts pg 28 Tuesday. 

-  Unit 17 Work It Out pg 36 Tuesday

-  Operations maths school book pg 27


Junior infants

- Revise your counting up to 10 using Teddy bear numbers

- Operations maths school book pg 18


Senior infants 

- Practice the addition strategy of 'counting on' using real dice or using this dice tool

       Roll two dice and encourage your child to practice counting on by starting with the biggest number and counting on.

       E.g. For the addition sum 5 + 3 the students should start with the biggest number, 5 and count on 3 more so it would sound like "5.....6, 7, 8". 

       This strategy is used in place of counting or starting at 1...2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

- Operations maths school book pg 57





Fruit break

Grab a healthy snack and stretch your legs





Please note that junior and senior infants have different vocabulary this week to first class.

Junior infants and senior infants please watch the lesson 'Mála nua'

First class please watch the lesson 'Cóta nua'


Both classes can practice the cómhra using this week's vocabulary


Gaeilge activities 

Junior infants and senior infants practise the luascartaí by clicking the flashcard and displaying the picture

-  Students should repeat each term as it is introduced, assigning a simple action to each word   

- Students should practice naming real life objects or can make their own flashcards


First class practise the luascartaí by clicking the flashcard and displaying the picture

-  Students can play the matching game by clicking the ‘match’ icon in the left hand column




Guided reading (First class only)

11:00 - 11:40 Pygmy shrews

11:40 - 12:20 Natterjack toads 


English activities (To be completed after the teams call)

-  You can start learning your spellings on Quizlet: u__e

- Complete ‘Jolly Grammar workbook’ Spelling Activity Unit 17 pg 34 (if you haven't done so already)

-  Re-read the Starlight text 8b and complete Exercise B on pg 66

You can use your copy and take a picture of the completed writing prompt

           What do you think chocolate hearts look, smell, sound, taste and feel like?

- Complete pg 31 in 'Sounds make words'

Revise the formation of capital letters H and A on pg 19 in 'All write now'




Junior Infants

This week we are revising the sounds in set 3 : Gg, Oo, Uu, Ll, Ff, Bb. We will revise one sound each day.

- Revise /o/ with the Alphablocks - Oo

- Print the /Oo/ worksheet or view online and complete the activities orally 




Senior Infants

Please rewatch the lesson /oi/

Pause the video at various points to seek answers or a response from your child. Each student should practice reading the /oi/ words in the video. 

Listen to the jolly phonics song for /oi/ at 11:02 and practice the actions for the /oi/ sound by cupping your hands around your mouth as if hailing a passing boat, saying "oi, oi ship ahoy!". 


English activities

-  Complete the /oi/ colour and draw sheet. Put each word in a sentence on the back of the page.


-  Tricky words: teach new words 'could' and 'should'

-  Revise the formation of Jj on pg 20 of 'All write now' 

-  Read pgs 2-9 of your second guided reader

           Atlantic puffins: 'A cake for cuddles' 

           Bottlenose dolphins: 'Big bat's lunch' 

           Horseshoe bats: Can you see me?







This week, we are exploring a thematic unit based on 'The sports shop'. 

Choose one activity each day from the following menu. 

 1. Roleplay: Set up a sports shop using a desk, cash register, money,  clothing, shoes, sporting equipment and


    The children can pretend to be a sales assistant or a customer and role play some of the following

     scenarios: Asking customer if they can help

                     Paying for item – cash or card

                     Trying an item on

                     Returning something as it was the wrong size

                     Making a complaint

 2. Construction: Pupils can construct any of the following: A pitch or court (football, tennis, basketball etc.)

                                                                                          Circuit training course

                                                                                          Obstacle course

   These can be constructed in miniature or in actual life size. For example, green sugar paper and   

    white chalk could be used to mark a football pitch with blocks acting as goal posts. While your child could

    design their own obstacle course in the garden

3. Arts and crafts: Design your own team jersey or  create a bat and ball type game using a variety of junk


4. Water play: Explore and observe how various balls react when placed in water (water proof or not, float or







Have your lunch and get some fresh air





Goodness me, goodness you

Read the poem 'Butterflies' 



Graceful petite creatures floating up high,

Fluttering and rippling,

Carelessly soaring on by

Strange little feelings bottled up inside,

Shivering and quivering,

Searching for some way to fly.



1. Has it ever felt like there was butterflies in your stomach?

2. Why do you think you might feel like this?

3. Feelings are a bit like butterflies, it is good to let the butterflies escape – not too quickly Try not to              bottle them up


Junior Infants, Senior Infants and 1st class

The children can design a butterfly. This can be done using paint and printing to create a symmetrical butterfly.





Parent feedback form

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