Happy Friday everyone!

Thank you so much for all your pictures and videos throughout this first week of learning from home.

I have asked you to do a whole platter of new things this week and you have all risen to the challenge. Well done! 


Thank you to all those who provided feedback this week. Please complete today's form here or at the bottom of the daily plan. Let me know how you and your child found this first week of online learning and highlight how I might support them further in week two. 



Morning meeting

Wake up and shake up with Go Noodle - Raise the roof


Juniors Infants 

- Practice Hey Diddle Diddle (Chant or sing the nursery rhyme)

- Revise set 1 using Initial sounds 1b.

  Use the 'match' icon in the column on the left hand side to match each picture to the correct sound. 


Senior Infants

- Practice your Word work 1b

  Use the 'spell' icon in the column on the left hand side to practice spelling four letter words.

  Encourage your child to read the sentence and guess the word before spelling it or they can click the 'speaker' to

  hear the word and spell it thereafter. 






Online classes (click the link to join the class or join from the calendar on Teams)

Maths activities

- First class complete week 16 Friday test only, on pg 73 of 'Work it out'

- Junior Infants and Senior Infants  practical maths activities will be completed during today's Teams calls.





Fruit break

Grab a healthy snack and stretch your legs





Gaeilge activities 

Junior Infants and Senior Infants

 - Complete pg 42 A and B in 'Abair liom B' . Listen to the clip Éist agus tarraing/Éist agus dathaigh and follow the directions.

First class

- Complete pg 49 E in 'Abair liom C' . Listen to the clip Tarraing ciorcal thart ar an túslitir cheart and follow the directions.






First class 11:00 - 11:40 


English activities

-  Complete weekly spelling test (on teams call) 

-  Plan a kenning poem about a person in your family in your copy. Illustrate the poem. (See Starlight skills book pg 65)


Junior Infants

Revise our two new sounds this week by completing pgs 31 and 32 in 'Sounds make words'



Senior Infants

Using the 'Friday sentence work sheet' and the accompanying lined template for /ou/. Put each of the four words in a short sentence. 









Practice travelling in different ways with Maura and Ceara