Maidin mhaith gach duine.

Congratulations and thank you for joining me yesterday morning for our teams calls. I was absolutely blown away by how well everyone listened and engaged with the individual activities. 

Thank you to all those who either forwarded completed work or provided feedback. If you have any queries or concerns don't hesitate to message me via the Aladdin app or include it in the daily parent feedback form. 


Morning meeting

Use this morning warm up Go Noodle - Danger force to get those minds and bodies moving!


On Tuesday and Thursday morning we engage in a few minutes of mindfulness, where we focus on breathing and stretching. Here is a simple video to follow Go Noodle - Melting.


Juniors Infants 

- Describe the weather today as Gaeilge 

- Sing the 'Days of the week'

   Discuss: "What is the first day of the week?"

                 "If today is Tuesday, what day is it tomorrow?"

                 "Which day of the week begins with /f/?"

- Use the alphabet flashcards to revise the following sounds

            s, a, t, i, p, n

            c, k, e, h, r, m, d

            g, o, u, l,

   Reveal the flashcards one at a time and ask your child to identify the sound it makes using the action


Senior Infants

- Describe the weather today as Gaeilge

- Revise your vowel combinations. Match each sound to its corresponding picture.

   Use the Jolly Phonics songs included in our phonics lesson if you're not sure of a sound.






Online classes (click the link to join the class or join from the calendar on Teams)


Maths Activities

Junior Infants

- Complete 'Operation Maths School book' pg 26


Senior Infants

- Complete 'Operation Maths School book' pg 55


First class

-  Unit 13 Number facts pg 26 Tuesday. A twenty frame might be helpful for this. 

-  Unit 16 Work It Out pg 34 Tuesday

- 'Operation Maths School book' pg 26





Fruit break

Grab a healthy snack and stretch your legs





Please revise the lesson ‘Ag siopadóireacht le Mamaí’


Watch the comhrá 


Gaeilge activities 

- Practice the luascartaí by clicking the flashcard and displaying the picture

  •   Junior Infants should practice naming real life objects or can make their own flashcards
  •   Senior infants and 1st class can play the matching game by clicking the ‘match’ icon in the left              hand column

- Roleplay shopping for food items that we are practicing this week. Don't forget your manners :) 




Guided reading groups (First class)

11:00 - 11:40 Pygmy Shrews 

11:40 - 12:20 Natterjack toads


English activities

-  You can practice your spellings on Quizlet: o__e

-  Re-read the Starlight text 8a and complete pg 62 Exercises B and C in your book.

-  Complete pg 28 in 'Sounds make words'  



Junior Infants

Please rewatch the lesson /Ff/

 Pause the video and ask your child to identify something that begins with ‘f’

Listen to the jolly phonics song for /f/ at 5:07 and practice the actions for the /f/ sound  by placing one hand above the other and lowering the top hand as if the float is deflating, and say "ffff".  


English activities

-  Complete the /f/ handwriting worksheet in the pink ‘Jolly Phonics booklet’

   Encourage your child to draw two things that begin with /f/ on the back of this sheet


- Complete pg 29 in the Starlight pre reading skills book.

Use the following directions to decorate Kate's sitting room and then draw two things that you got for Christmas.

   There are three Christmas stockings hanging on the fire place. Draw the stockings

   There are two carrots on a plate for Rudolph. Draw the carrots

   There are four Christmas presents under the tree. Draw the presents



Senior Infants

Please rewatch the lesson /ou/

Pause the video at various points to seek answers or a response from your child. Each student should practice reading the /ou/ words in the video. 

Listen to the jolly phonics song for /ou/ at 10:46 and practice the actions for the /ou/ sound by pretending your finger is a needle and pricking your thumb, saying "ou, ou, ouch!". 


English activities

-  Complete the /ou/ colour and draw worksheet. Put each word in a sentence on the back of the page.


-  Tricky words: revise new words 'saw' and 'put'

-  Shared reading of starlight reader 2  ‘Winter sale’ pgs 45 - 56

-  Complete ‘Starlight skills book’ pg 38

- Read pgs 2-9 of your first guided reader. 

         Atlantic puffins: 'The Great cake bake off'

         Bottlenose dolphins: 'What do bats eat for lunch?'

         Horseshoe bats: The dragon balloon







This week, we are exploring a thematic unit based on 'The supermarket'. 

Choose one activity each day from the following menu. 

 -  Roleplay: Set up a supermarket in your home. Sort products onto shelves, price individual items, serve customers and keep the area clean.

 -  Construction: Build a new supermarket for your town. Design a plan, including designated areas for dairy products, poultry, fruit and vegetables etc. Use wooden blocks, lego or cardboard for your construction.

- Arts and crafts: Use coloured paints to print different types of fruit and vegetables.

Writing: Create posters for offers within store, write shopping lists and make signs for each aisle.

Recall your journey to the supermarket, what did you see, hear and smell.

- Playdough: Make different types of fruit and vegetables using playdough






Have your lunch and get some fresh air





Goodness me, goodness you

Listen to the story 'On Monday when it rained' 


1. What kind of emotions did the boy feel?

2. Have you ever felt . . . ?

3. What actions did you do when you felt . . . ? 

4. Did you ever find it hard to let your feelings out?


Junior Infants and Senior Infants

Choose one of the emotions and draw a picture of a time when you felt like that.


First class

Make a “feelings” collage by cutting pictures of different faces out of magazines and glue them and other items such as sequins, glitter, etc. onto a page. 



Parent feedback form

Please provide feedback on today's learning Daily Parent Feedback


Parents and guardians can take pictures of the children's work and forward them to the school email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I will correct any work and provide feedback via the Aladdin App noticeboard.