Room 3 Schedule of Online Lessons on MS Teams

Welcome back to remote teaching and learning! Below is the plan for the day. Log into Teams to connect with your class and don't forget to upload pictures of your completed work to your daily assignment at the end of the day. I hope to see you all at our online classes through the morning. Once you have attended the class you can then complete the daily activities for that subject.


Mindful Monday

Try and start the day with a Daily Calm medication 

Today, take a deep breath and take a mindful moment to focus on happy memories. Dig deep and remember those times where you laughed, smiled and enjoyed the moment.

Share that memory with people. Spread happiness! I have added a channel called 'Just for Fun' on our Teams class, where you can chat with your classmates, but remember keep it appropriate and respectful at all time. It is good to keep connected with our friends. Just for Fun Channel on our Class Teams

08:50 – 10:20


Online classes (click the link to join the class or join from the calendar on Teams)

 Maths Activities

  • Unit 16 Tables (Monday)
  • Unit 16 Work It Out (Monday)
  • Operation Maths Activities - assigned on Teams Call

10:30 – 11:30

Fónaic na Gaeilge (click the link to join the class or join from the calendar on Teams)

Gaeilge Activities

11:30 – 12:50

Spelling and Starlight

English Activities

  • logo vocabularya z Log into Vocabulary A-Z and complete your pre-test for Unit 16 spellings 
  • You can start learning your spellings in Vocabulary A-Z or on Quizlet:
  • 4th: <gh> <ough> <augh>
  • 5th 6th: Long /oo/
  • Complete Jolly Grammar workbook Spelling Activity Unit 16 (after online lesson)
  • Re-read the starlight unit 8b and complete Exercise A. You can use your copy and take a picture of the completed work or else type the answers into your class notebook on your assignment in Teams.

13:30 – 14:30

Independent Online Project Work – Teacher support via MS Teams

Brown bull of Cooley (Táin Bó Cúailnge) 

The Táin Bó Cúailnge, or 'Cattle Raid of Cooley', is the most famous tale in Irish mythology. It is at the centre of the Ulster Cycle of mythological sagas, known as the Rúraíocht in Irish. The tales in the Ulster Cycle are the most heroic of all the Irish myths that have been recorded in writing, and also the most renowned.

The Táin involves the story of Queen Medb of Connacht and her husband Ailill, who plot to steal the sacred stud bull Donn Cuailnge from Ulster.

Much of the action in the Táin surrounds the efforts of the teenage hero Cúchulainn to oppose the warriors of Connacht. According to mythology, most of the story took place in the area of Louth.

Watch the animated version of this story here

Part 1 Video 1

Part 2 Video 2

You can also read about the story here


Write a Recount  (We will have a look at your recounts together during our Friday Review Teams call)


1. Topic  - The Story ofTáin Bó Cúailnge OR My Christmas Holidays

2. Publishing your work - Oral recount using video/audio/podcast/Adope Spark Video OR Written recount using copy/Word/Powerpoint/Sway/Adope Spark Video/Other publishing tool.

Remember the features of recounts? See below reminders to help:

Click here to download this template