Faughart Community National School


Ethos Statement

In our schools the curriculum is delivered using the most innovative methodologies to prepare children for their future. Nurturing the religions/beliefs of each child is integral to the daily routine of the school. We are committed to a spirit of inclusion and equality, where all children and their families are valued and treated with respect. We reflect the local and global community and create meaningful links with both.

Each day we strive to provide children with learning experiences which will help them develop to their potential not only as academics but as citizens. We work hard to ensure the children get a broad range of positive experiences which will equip them with the skills they will require to fit in and be confident in the role they play in the community.

Core Values

The Community National Schools seek to provide a high standard of education where each child is encouraged to reach his/her personal potential.

Our schools are democratically accountable, state supported schools which are underpinned by 4 main cornerstones:

  • Excellence in Education
  • Equality based
  • Community focused
  • Multidenominational

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a new model of primary education that reflects Ireland in the 21st Century.

Faughart Community National School provides a welcome to each child in the community we serve and create learning opportunities in a setting of diversity and inclusion.

Our school caters for the physical, academic, social, emotional and spiritual needs of children within the school day in a supportive and caring environment.